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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Question from a possible Restorer

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I know you probably get these questions all the time, but i would really like if you could help me with a little advise, because i was thinking of restoring. Does it get in the way of things in everday life, like can people tell your doing it? How do you pee if you dick is all taped up? What if you need to change in front of others. I dont know if you deal with this, but what about sexual activity, how would it not get in the way there?


Hi Will! It doesn't get in the way for me, its part of my daily routine.

At night I use a TLC tugger.
During the day I just have two pieces of medical tape, horizontally, with (on one side) the ends folded over so I can peel the tape off when using the bathroom. Its important to dab with a tissue or toilet paper to get any liquid out before putting the tape back on or it won't stick and you will need a new piece

Other than that, no real inconvenience. That is the main reason I don't wear the tugger during the day.. it can pop off and the strap has to run around your leg. Perfect for at home or in bed, but not when running around

Nobody knows I'm restoring but me :) Actually no, I was at a nude beach (today actually in Florida!) and I left the tape on while I was bare walking around. (Unfortunately it came off because it wasn't on all of the way and stopped sticking from the water. But! When I put my speedo brief back on it did a great job of holding the skin back in place without tape, just a tip!)

Changing in locker rooms, I think I probably will just leave the tape on? I don't care what other people think and if anything I would be flattered by their curiosity, but if it were really awkward I would simply peel it off ahead of time or not wear it at all.

(When school gets back in, I have to go to PE once a week so I usually don't do any sort of restoring stuff that day or wear briefs/boxer-briefs. I think what I'm going to do is wear the tape, then take it off for the showers when changing out of my boxers, then put it back on when I get home or something. The difference is my friends might say something but regular people at like a gym or something I don't care about seeing tape while changing or in the showers)

Good luck!


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