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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Getting from Point A to Point B

So when you are restoring its tough sometimes because it feels like you are making no progress. The reason for this is because when someone circumcises you in a hospital, they usually pull a lot or even too much skin into the "device " that they are using to do it with to save time and ensure safety. (yeah thanks )

This gives those poor cosmetic results that many circumcised men grow into having as they mature in their teens and need whatever skin is down there to develop... such as tight erections (which can be experienced as a kid too, I had some issues with that when I was like 10 but it wasnt too bad, just no movement as a 1950s, the start of the craze, circumciser would deem "perfect" so that masturbation is hindered... assholes )

HOWEVER IT also prevents a lot of REALLY POOR cosmetic results... such as adhesions of the torn-up bloody skin to the newly exposed glans (head ) of the penis, which does happen. So this is why they take off a lot to make sure that they dont end up with a serious complication. Yet, this creates a complication 10-15 years down the road when penis-growth comes into play... but these kids like me dont know what normal is and think sex or their body is something completely different than what it should be. Shocking... but this is the USA today. We allow this shit.

So back to the restoring part. Starting to restore and getting to the point of having coverage is tough because due to the tightness that defines being circumcised, being able to pull the skin over the glans and getting it to go there on its own are two completely different things. It is a BATTLE in which you have to first restore yourself to being loosely circumcised THEN work on your new "fauxskin "... I know it sucks but this is why I often tell people they have nothing to lose by just going-for-it.

A good indicator for how much "bitch work " you must endure is how tight your erection may be. If you have loose skin to move around there, and you havent started yet, your probably going to have a speedy restoration. However, if you are like most guys who literally got "shafted " by the doctor and maybe or maybe not left with sensitive areas of skin AT ALL... depending on what style the doctor's "signature " on your junk was that day you were born.......... every restorers story is different.

My summary: Some guys can do it in months, some it takes years... like 10 years even. I for one am about halfway to where I want to be, and I have spent 2 years doing this under my clothes at school.... I have enough coverage to be comfortable in the changing rooms or under my speedo for swimming (no more exposed glans poking or leaving an outline... GROSS I'm not proud of being american for this ) so would I ever turn back.... NO. what good would it do? I can have a beautiful, comfortable, restored penis with a "fauxskin " if I just spend a little bit more time on it, and I will. This is not the last youll here from adam. :)

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Anonymous Captain D said...

That was an excellent piece of writing, Adam. I wish all the people who say, "I never hear of anyone complaining that they were circumcised." would read what you've said on your blog. I hope that your writing will encourage other young men to go beyond feeling dissatisfied and do something about the loss of their foreskins.

Your long struggle to regain your foreskin reminds me of the challenge faced by those of us over the years who have fought to end the practice of routine infant circ. We have pushed and pulled and tugged against a mindset that has had very little inclination to change. Progress has been made, but it has not been commensurate with the amount of effort that was expended. There are individuals in influential positions who continually find new justifications to continue a practice that has repeatedly been shown to offer marginal, if any, benefits and is clearly a violation of a person's right to bodily integrity. The individuals who justify the practice are successful because they prey on the fears and ignorance of a modern American culture that, despite its flaunting of sexuality, is nearly as sexually repressive and inhibited as that of the Victorians, who introduced and justified the practice of circumcision in this country over a century ago.

There are times, Adam, I am sure, when you have questioned whether or not your attempt to restore was worth all the effort. You've had to work at this every day for a long time and put up with the inconvenience of wearing the stretching devices. I am sure, too, that there has been an emotional toll, such as when you confronted your parents about your circumcision. That was really gutsy, Adam. I admire you. Despite the discouragement you may have experienced at times, I know that you are optimistic about the final outcome. Likewise, I am confident that young people like you will continue the struggle against routine infant circ in the future. Eventually you will expose the biggest American health fraud and cause its proponents to confront their own insecurities that cause them to perpetuate this practice. Keep up your fine efforts, Adam, and thank you for exposing some of your deepest and most personal thoughts that others in your position might be encouraged to make a similar change in their lives.

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