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Friday, February 01, 2008

TLC-x > cat iiq

I'm just posting this article before school so I dont forget later with my busy afternoon. hockey AND swim practice on the same night


Over christmas I got a gift from my intact cousin who supports my restoring efforts greatly... the TLC-X. Its the mother of all devices I think!

The thing that really seals the deal for me is the way that I'm cut. Mogen clamp. This puts the scar and separation from inner to outer foreskin right smack in the middle vertically of my shaft (across )... its 50/50. until now I havent found a device that accurately expands just this area, mostly ignoring the inner few centimeters of perfection and frenulum. this is important though and I really needed something to help me finish my restoring efforts well enough

BUT with the TLC-X and the optional 24mm attachment , this 50% of inner skin is offset by the inner piece mostly and I can work on expanding just that outer part, while making it an inner part using this device. It works so damn well!! and the results are great. I know it fits perfect because I can feel the end of my frenulum from the outside in the stretched part between the two inner TLC-cones. Diagram is below but it kind of sucks since I drew it with Paint.

I'm making good progress for life! The only thing you need to watch out for is what kind of cut you have based on how much skin you have where. if your scar is right below your shaft, or if you are just starting out restoring, you should just use the regular non 24mm attachcment (i think the regular one is like 1-2mm to start). you can use the 24mm one later to tug harder (which you dont need anyway) but for me its critical that I use it now because of the way I was cut having so much inner skin! (when is why I made the diagram in the first place )

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Blogger Torgo Ξ said...

I've been thinking about ordering a TLC-X. (My Cat-IIQ arrived just the other day, but I've barely had a chance to try it.)

The TLC-X looks great for all the reasons you've mentioned, but my one hesitation is that it's metal, and sort of has more exposed parts, whereas the CatIIq is, from the outside, basically just a single piece of plastic. From experience, can you tell me if this makes any difference as far as comfort?

4:12 PM  
Blogger adam smith said...

The TLC-X is a lot more comfortable honestly, only the main pole of it is metal and the rest is a soft plastic mold. The catiiq is hard plastic and I found it a bit uncomfortable.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Torgo Ξ said...

Ya know, now you mention it, that pusher on Cat-IIQ is definitely not comfortable, at least for how my glans is shaped, I don't know about anyone else's. So yeah, I'll take silicone over that any day, even if there is a bit of metal involved (which I'll just cover up with a sock anyway, or something). So thanks for the advice!

And as I skim thru your blog, I see all sorts of neat tips, like the manual tugging trick before applying your gear (I'll definitely do that now). And it sure helps me to see you trying out new gear as it comes out, like the the TLC Tugger at night thing a year back. It reminds me that "try it and see" is the name of the game.

So thanks for those tips. And here's mine:

* Generally avoid washing your penis with normal soap; instead use Cetaphil (more neutral pH or something, compared to normal soap). It's not like I seal my penis in a plastic bag when I get in the shower, to avoid the least bit of soap-- but I just don't lather it way up like the rest of my body, and maybe if I'm ambitious, I hold the head when I wash all the soap down off my body, so it doesn't get sluiced. But, right out of the shower, I put on some Cetaphil. It's sort of a combined lotion/soap that absorbs into the skin quickly. (I don't know how I convince myself to put a smooth lotion on my dick when I get out of the shower, but I manage. Somehow.)

* Whoever isn't actually restoring, or at least not right now (that's me at the moment), get a YourSkin cone, and over that, wear a ManHood, which holds the cone on pretty well. I got a really noticeable sensitivity change within just two or three weeks or wearing them. The good kind of sensitivity.

* Eucerin is good stuff (thicker stuff from the tube, or more liquidy stuff from the bottle). I put some around and below the corona almost every time I put on the cone, and I'm guessing that that might be half the reason I got such a quick response with the cone. (But if you get it in places where your cone/tugger/whatever needs a bit of friction, well, lotion means there's no friction, so the thing doesn't stay on, etc.)

* And if not even just the YourSkin cone isn't working out (since it really does require at least a little slack), then the ManHood alone is great. They come with an elastic band now, so there's far less chance of it falling off and ending up who knows where. Or: just put a little safety pin thru the top seam, and attach a shoelace or a pocketwatch-chain, or whatever.

And while I'm gabbing at you:

Ya know, for years and years, I used to think in Psych 101 terms: "if I do some foreskin restoration thing, it'd actually be because of sexual insecurity!" or "this circumcision is just a symbol of what jackasses my parents were, starting literally from day one of my life" or some other thing that would get me riled up. And it really is an emotional issue, and that makes it hard to think clearly sometimes.

But not too long ago, I slapped my palm into my forehead and realized: it doesn't matter why I'd be doing foreskin restoration, because the effect is the same regardless: a better penis. Like that'd make me cry out "oh NO, I have a better penis now-- what horrible motive drove me to this cruel fate?!?".

So: get tugging, I say!

3:21 AM  
Blogger Torgo Ξ said...

Based on your advice, I got my TLCX, just coming in the mail yesterday.

And you're completely right. Where the CatIIq pinches because it's such hard plastic, this is much gentler. It took me a few hours to sort of fiddle with it and break it in, but it seems fine now.

I just came back from a walk to the supermarket and back, and the TLCX stayed in place just fine. The CatIIq would never have stayed on, at least as far as I could ever ever figure out how to put it on without some serious pinching. And you're totally right, having that metal bit there isn't a problem. It's less annoying than having a pen in my pocket.

Ya know, for someone like half my age, you're giving out some seriously good advice. Here's a bit from me:

Maybe you can use this, or maybe this is just for guys with less slack, like me: once I pull the skin up onto the middle-cone (with the metal wavy part) (and maybe after some mild manual tugging like you suggested), if I immediately put the topper cone on top of that, between the time I take my hand off and the cone fits on, my foreskin will have retracted a lot, and that's lame. BUT if I pull the skin up onto that middle cone, and just hold it there gently with my palm around it for ten or twenty seconds, and then let go, it just stays there on its own, and then I can put on the retaining cone really easily without the foreskin sliding back before the cone can fit on. Handy trick. Literally, hand-y. (Haaaaah.)

I'm sure dorking up the place talking so much-- but I'm just enthusiastic about how this is all finally coming together!

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been using the DTR for nearly a year. It is like the TLC-X (indeed the later tries to adapt a tugger to do what it does) in that it stretches both inner and outer skin. I have found it very comfortable and it stays on very well. I recently bought a TLC-X as a comparison and found it doesn't stay on nearly so well.

1:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Btw, there is more on the DTR at:

Also some very encouraging photos of what you can do with persistence :-)

1:32 AM  
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