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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bye guys!!!

Hey all,
I am officially retiring from restore-list and my blogging and all online restoring activity. I have mixed feelings, because being circumcised has seriously been one of the most traumatic things I've ever had to deal with and its really disgraceful that our horrible country has turned its back on issues so simple, so crucial to our wellbeing.

Since the schoolyear is starting soon I basically was just like I have to retire from this because I feel like its just a constant loop of bullshitting with everyone and not doing anything to save babies or anything. It sucks because we cant do much, we are not feminists that can bitch and whine to congress and get their female genital mutilation banned. We are stuck with this. There are tons of foreskins being chopped off EVERY FRICKIN DAY. I was one of them 15 years ago. Its horrible. 15 years of foreskins are still going in the trash, getting sent out to medical firms, going wherever the fuck these dishonest doctors fucking want. They think its just cute that they are performing such an "innocent" surgery on a baby boy to "better" him, its FUCKING HORRIBLE. Look at this disgusting accucirc device, WHY THE FUCK IS THIS NECESSARY ANYMORE. IT ISNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yet more devices just keep coming out to encourage this horrible disgusting and perverted behavior. I cant believe its legal for hospitals to actually RECOMMEND it. WHAT THE FUCK??!??!

So, I must move on. I have grown a lot and have also grown to realize that there are a lot of stupid fucking people in the world and unfortunately if they choose to circumcise then so be it. We the restorers and believers in integrity of course have spread the information as best as possible to search engines like Google for soon to be parents with a BRAIN to find, but there is still absolutely nothing that we can do about the doctors advising otherwise or going by their "old and trusted" methods and recommendations, as the doctors who advised my own mother did. Its a god damn shame and speaking of god, there is no god. It is damn obvious at this point. That is part of the problem.

I am of course leaving my blog online and its contents intact, I will always continue to support those who encourage the changing of peoples minds but I just cant stay committed to it anymore. I really hope that I have helped a lot of people or at least been a role-model for people my own age but its just too depressing to think about anymore.

So, I leave you all at this point. sorry

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Figured out a sweet way to wear the TLC-X

With the 24mm inside part, ROLL the skin over the inside of the TLC-X and then pull on it just a little bit so that the front and back are even. Its critical that you dont pull the skin, it will stretch too much inner foreskin onto the device. You want shaft-skin only being expanded, and the feeling to be natural. So "rolling" it on then adjusting the tension is the way to go.

When you apply the outer cone like this, it works out great. You can feel that all of the inner-skin is safely tucked away below or against the inner insert, and the outer, shaft skin is being expanded only. I suspect this will yield optimal growth and results.

Keep in mind that what helps me retain this setup for hours is the fact that I have a frenulum still, and the way that it junctures at the circumcision's scar point about halfway down the shaft on the underside. This provides a "hook " for the "frenulum-groove " in the tlc-x's inner 24mm piece, and enables me to just restore this shaft skin.

wish me luck.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kind words from 'Captain D'

"Your long struggle to regain your foreskin reminds me of the challenge faced by those of us over the years who have fought to end the practice of routine infant circ. We have pushed and pulled and tugged against a mindset that has had very little inclination to change. Progress has been made, but it has not been commensurate with the amount of effort that was expended. There are individuals in influential positions who continually find new justifications to continue a practice that has repeatedly been shown to offer marginal, if any, benefits and is clearly a violation of a person's right to bodily integrity. The individuals who justify the practice are successful because they prey on the fears and ignorance of a modern American culture that, despite its flaunting of sexuality, is nearly as sexually repressive and inhibited as that of the Victorians, who introduced and justified the practice of circumcision in this country over a century ago.

There are times, Adam, I am sure, when you have questioned whether or not your attempt to restore was worth all the effort. You've had to work at this every day for a long time and put up with the inconvenience of wearing the stretching devices. I am sure, too, that there has been an emotional toll, such as when you confronted your parents about your circumcision. That was really gutsy, Adam. I admire you. Despite the discouragement you may have experienced at times, I know that you are optimistic about the final outcome. Likewise, I am confident that young people like you will continue the struggle against routine infant circ in the future. Eventually you will expose the biggest American health fraud and cause its proponents to confront their own insecurities that cause them to perpetuate this practice. Keep up your fine efforts, Adam, and thank you for exposing some of your deepest and most personal thoughts that others in your position might be encouraged to make a similar change in their lives."

Thanks man, I really appreciate the comment. I definitely agree with the statement that I put in bold text above, as well.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Getting from Point A to Point B

So when you are restoring its tough sometimes because it feels like you are making no progress. The reason for this is because when someone circumcises you in a hospital, they usually pull a lot or even too much skin into the "device " that they are using to do it with to save time and ensure safety. (yeah thanks )

This gives those poor cosmetic results that many circumcised men grow into having as they mature in their teens and need whatever skin is down there to develop... such as tight erections (which can be experienced as a kid too, I had some issues with that when I was like 10 but it wasnt too bad, just no movement as a 1950s, the start of the craze, circumciser would deem "perfect" so that masturbation is hindered... assholes )

HOWEVER IT also prevents a lot of REALLY POOR cosmetic results... such as adhesions of the torn-up bloody skin to the newly exposed glans (head ) of the penis, which does happen. So this is why they take off a lot to make sure that they dont end up with a serious complication. Yet, this creates a complication 10-15 years down the road when penis-growth comes into play... but these kids like me dont know what normal is and think sex or their body is something completely different than what it should be. Shocking... but this is the USA today. We allow this shit.

So back to the restoring part. Starting to restore and getting to the point of having coverage is tough because due to the tightness that defines being circumcised, being able to pull the skin over the glans and getting it to go there on its own are two completely different things. It is a BATTLE in which you have to first restore yourself to being loosely circumcised THEN work on your new "fauxskin "... I know it sucks but this is why I often tell people they have nothing to lose by just going-for-it.

A good indicator for how much "bitch work " you must endure is how tight your erection may be. If you have loose skin to move around there, and you havent started yet, your probably going to have a speedy restoration. However, if you are like most guys who literally got "shafted " by the doctor and maybe or maybe not left with sensitive areas of skin AT ALL... depending on what style the doctor's "signature " on your junk was that day you were born.......... every restorers story is different.

My summary: Some guys can do it in months, some it takes years... like 10 years even. I for one am about halfway to where I want to be, and I have spent 2 years doing this under my clothes at school.... I have enough coverage to be comfortable in the changing rooms or under my speedo for swimming (no more exposed glans poking or leaving an outline... GROSS I'm not proud of being american for this ) so would I ever turn back.... NO. what good would it do? I can have a beautiful, comfortable, restored penis with a "fauxskin " if I just spend a little bit more time on it, and I will. This is not the last youll here from adam. :)

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Questions from Logan, a fellow teen

im thinking about it but im not sure so ill ask some questions.

1. why did you do it?
2. how can u convince me to do it.
3. what method did you use.
4. how long did it take.
5. pros / cons
6. did it change anything with your penis.
7. did any friends and/or parent find out. if so what did they say.
8. any thing else i need to know?

hey dude
1. embarrassment in public changing rooms, not being myself, more function and form, better looking... especially since I'm skinny and not much of a show-off (I'll keep my glans to myself thanks )

2. ummm because it looks way better and you will love not having your glans rubbing around all day. you probably dont really focus on how annoying it is now but you will really appreciate it when you dont have it going on. easier to stay focused and enjoy yourself

3. tlc-x tugger with various inserts and pieces from them, tried some other stuff but this is the best along with tape when you cant use this or are taking breaks at night time

4. I'm still doing it but honestly I have enough skin to cover myself and it rolls over by itself even when standing. but its hard to keep it over since I get aroused when that happens, I am still getting used to it honestly. I just want a little bit more skin just in case (mine as well ) and that way I might even get a little overhang going and it would be the best looking penis evarrrr

pros: umm you took control and got something sweet for the rest of yoru life?

cons: it takes a while and if you try to do it too fast you could get like stretch marks or something but just be careful and since you are young like me your skin like holds up the best and it looks super natural so who cares. I tried going too fast and it looks fine, but that doesnt work so dont bother hehe

6. umm not really I mean my glans is way different and there is an absurd amount of sensitivity there. I mean if you go into restoring thinking its going to be sick then you will be disappointed, but it honestly shocked me how much better it felt in all. I'm not sure how you are cut or where your scar is. it just depends on how generous or lazy the doctor was or if he was a douche and cut off the best parts or anything, let me know just describe it

7. I told my mom and she was pretty shocked but now she is ok with it just pissy because I got really mad at her for being so dumb as to commit to genital mutilation in the first place. I even showed her what it looks like now and I think she was relieved at how not gross or weird it was, it looks pretty normal. I change at school adn swim practice and its fine and everyone just think s its uncut like theirs... there arent that many cut kids that I'm friends with so I get lots of acceptance as usual and everyone who is cut thinks its cool too. nobody EVER says anything about it, except a few times at hockey but now I dont do that anymore so who cares.

8. I say go for it. if you are thinking about it then you mine as well start, you can stop at any time and just have more movement in the shaft skin and there is literally nothing to lose as long as you dont try to restore overnight or something

email me if you need anymore info!

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Monday, August 04, 2008

"New Study Shows Condoms 95 Times More Cost-Effective than Circumcision in HIV Battle"

Too bad they wont go to the trouble to correct all of that press in favor of it here in the USA, a real shame. I'm sure that right now there still are are plenty of people confidently signing consent forms to have their future fullgrown sons' genitals altered for THEIR OWN personal reasons.

Results of the new study, “The Cost to Circumcise Africa,” comparing the cost of male circumcision to the cost of lifetime distribution of free condoms in sub-Saharan Africa, found that condom distribution is 95 times more cost-effective in preventing the same number of infections in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Link: http://www.circumcisionandhiv.com/2008/08/new-study-shows.html

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

GeologyJoe wanted to know...

Someone sent me this post a few days ago.

Basically after reading it I was asked to leave a comment, in which I said (with a link to this blog):
"honestly bro, I really wouldnt do it. I'm 15 and my parents had me "crimped ", watch the videos its pretty gross. they have gotten more and more creative with "fun " ways of cutting the foreskin... its not even cutting anymore in some hospitals, more like pressing it apart in a gross way.

who knows what method does the highest or lowest amount of damage, the bottom line is that the circ rate here in the usa is like around if not less than 50% now, so you dont have to decide based on what everyone else is anymore... you can just go with your instinct, which I hope is to just leave it alone. and that is the other thing, unless he gets a UTI, you can literally just leave it alone. there wont be any additional cleaning required until he is a lot older and can do it himself when the skin separates and can be moved around. this I guess happens at like age 7 or something.

so yeah I wouldnt touch it, I am a guy and I know how it feels to have to be the only cut guy in the locker room... where I live almost all of my friends are uncut and I was devastated...."

his response outlined that this was his favorite testimonial (to which I was flattered! ) and he seems pretty interested in it all, and thanked everyone for the information.

update (july 30): they have indeed confirmed that they are leaving their boy intact. yay http://geologyjoe.blogspot.com/2008/07/circumcision-final-post.html

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Current daily routine (Question from Ashton)

"I tried restoring a year ago but gave it up b/c I didn't like tugging. I'm just getting back into it and have purchased a tlc-x and some packers and extra cones. I'm concerned with moving to fast and being too aggressive with it. I really want to have a sweet tight coverage when I'm done restoring. So I'm thinking I should just go slow and be patient with it. I'm dedicated to it now though. You've inspired me not to stop this time. :)

Would you mind replying back with your typical day and activities and how you progress through a day and night? Basically, your restoring routine. I really like the results you say that you've had and I think that we both had the same amount of foreskin in tact before we started. I really want this to work out but want it to look good. Just don't want to mess it up. "

Hey ashton,
TLC-X was a good choice, I use it during the day and do my "o-tape " otherwise especially while sleeping. I have given up completely on tugging at night since it always comes off and or becomes uncomfortable, just wear a retainer that is secured but not too tightly to prevent a comfortable boner.

I found that if you wear the tlc-x every day all the time, the skin gets exhausted and the tlc-x comes off more easily. If you take breaks like this at night, you wont have any problems with the skin and it gives it time to heal.

Also, when you apply the tlc-x, you shouldnt have a whole lot of movement in the plunger part of it. maybe only 1/4 to 1/2 inch. if its more than an inch for example, you are applying it wrong and not putting enough even tension on that inside area. If you want to expand a greater area of skin, use a larger insert piece. (like the 16mm one you mentioned getting, I use a 24mm one )

thanks, and let me know if you have any more questions :)

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