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Friday, February 01, 2008

Mom walked in.

Well I knew this day would come. I occasionally sneak around the house naked or run by my mom to get clothes downstairs, but she usually just looks away and giggles.

Today was different. I had a long day at school which I was late for thanks to me blogging for the first time in like a month and then I had swimming and hockey back to back so when I finally get home at like 6:30 just now I take off my shorts and start stretching before getting in the shower.

So my mom walks in and says shes going to bed early, but then I'm like "oh wait I'm naked" but she has the courtesy to not even look down. Keep in mind she knew about me restoring from a while ago but had never seen it or anything to prove I wasnt just full of it.

so I'm not quite done restoring but it looks good and functions great so I was like "wait mom, come back....." she saw it, admired it, complimented it, complemented me, smiled very very wide and was exstatic. she said it looks fantastic. and I was thrilled.

Afterward I was a little embarrassed (and by a little I mean my face was bright red after I walked away) but I did give her a big hug and was pretty happy that she thought it looked so good ( which it does actually, especially at that moment)... like I had a condom on or something it looked that perfect and smooth! (it wasnt between stages or anything to make it kind of undecided about what it wants to do )

It was really really cool and awesome to have someone stand in front of you, look down at something youve worked so hard on but kept a secret for your own dignity and privacy, and compliment it like they were so proud of your entire body and how well it matched, and that it looked like nothing had ever happened to it.

it was awesome, its cool to be young still... this whole time I felt like I was growing up so fast but being here with my mom for this experience has really put me in my right place I think. now I just have to work on my dad becuase he's stubborn and doesnt know anything about my restoring and doesnt know how to adjust to anything haha I dont dare be bare when he is home! oh and my older brother too might be jealous. oh no I dont know what to do now!! but at least I know it looks that good


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i started restoring and got kinda scared, like what if the skin is loose. I used a cross shaped taped to hold the skin around my head. I made some progress and wen i sit or lay down the skin is around the rim of the head but its rare if its like that wen standing. I cant order any devices cause my mom may get it in the mail and cause some weird explanation on my part. But is it possible to restore more on the underside than the top? If i continue will the little weird pre fold fix? The fold is like on the inner 4skin not on the scar line.

2:27 PM  
Blogger adam smith said...

The pre fold will go away when you restore more. I would just order a device but ask the guy to email the instructions instead of mailing them in case your " secretary" opens the box.

I'm surprised at how tight my skin is because I am young. Ive seen some gross skins on older guys that are like 60. just compare the skin on your face.. its tightness will show how the skin may turn out. and use plenty of moisturizer like cetaphil.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

restoring only like 30% still has been awesome, my glans still show but my head gets more coverage throughout the day and j/o is just better, i wanna know the feeling of the skin rolling over the head so bad!

3:16 PM  
Blogger adam smith said...

It feels pretty cool.

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Adam you never cease to surprise me. I don't think I could be so open (in that way) with my parents, mother in particular. I don't know why I am not generally self conscious in a locker room or shower or anything. Though I've never been in that situation so who knows how I might react. *shrug*

Anyway so you haven't told your father yet? Do you think he'll really react poorly? I am betting he is initially confused (not angry) but ultimately supportive; that is how parents are they will support us (more or less) no matter what we do, within fairly extreme limits.

Now you said your brother, he doesn't know either? So your cousin knows but not your older brother. Interesting. How about your doctor has he/she mentioned it and if so what did you say? It goes without saying that RIC won't end until doctors are fully on board.

Anyway if you didn't catch it, the MGM Bill was resubmitted; its a long shot but you have to keep the pressure up. :) Good luck and great job!

6:45 AM  
Blogger adam smith said...

Father - I dont know, he will see eventually but he is pretty against intactness out of ignorance I feel. and stubbornness

Brother - he will probably be like what the heck and ask my mom about it or me, then I will have to come up with an excuse

Doctor - My pediatrician knows I was upset about it and he referred me to a urologist who I told I was restoring but he didnt recommend it. he seemed depressed that I was unhappy with my circ because I think thats one of his revenue sources. but he was overall a good guy I think and did understand me. not just a cold shoulder, make him think for a few minutes. very down to earth guy.

my cousin is cool plus he is uncut and I know I can trust him this whole time. he is my roll model sometimes.

I really hope that the MGMbill passes. everyone deserves a choice in their own cutting and it would really put everyone in their right place in what seems like such a massive oversight.

5:37 PM  
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Anonymous Movie Download said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful mom and fmily.

5:09 AM  
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Sounds like all worked out ok for you. That is great.

10:07 AM  
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