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Sunday, May 06, 2007

This is taking so long!!!!!!!

I've been restoring for 1 year and I feel like I'm only a quarter way there. So far I have a lot of progress made but its hard to tell until youve reached a milestone because the skin will stay back and wrinkle until then. and when its wrinkled you cant tell how much is there

I basically wear the catiiq 24 hours a day (except if it comes off when I sleep but I put it on looser so it doesnt now ) and feel pretty good about my methods so I hope that by christmas I will be half way there

When I want to end is when I have a smooth sheath covering everything when its hard. but that will take a long time

Right now I'm pretty happy with how things are during the daytime because when I swim I dont even need to use tape to keep the skin over the glans anymore because I have so much skin that I even have an overhang now. It shows through my speedo when it gets wet which I think is kind of cool but a lot of people look at it and I hope they dont think my whole thing is that small. if you look closer you can see a smooth, skin covered glans then the overhang but people in america dont always know what a foreskin looks like.

sorry for not posting more often! school is getting out soon and I will try to be online to post more



Anonymous Anonymous said...

a part of your problem could be that you are wearing a device all the time. you need to let the skin relax and grow so take it off at night. here is a suggestion wear the tugger about 12 hours a day then at night before you go to bed use a vitamin lotion(something with vitamin E) you don't want a skin firming lotion but you want a healing lotion.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Tynan said...

Adam- I'm 13 and circumsized and want to restore but I'm having difficulties with things. I cant order any devices online, and my parents would NOT approve of my restoring. How did you start out and can you give me any tips or information on what I can do?


6:11 PM  
Anonymous Will said...

I was thinking the same thing as the first poster. You should not keep it on all the time, I have heard from a lot of websites that you need to let it rest for a bit.
Its like when your going to the gym to get muscles, your suppose to work out one day, but rest the next, so you can give your body time to heal, and form the muscle you made the day before.

9:34 PM  
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