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Monday, January 08, 2007

Another new way to tape

I switched to this after using the old method, I like it
What I do is take like 4 inches ( this kind of depends on how big around it is, just try different sizes or use a lot of tape to start out with) of 3M stretchy skin colored waterproof foam tape and start by sticking the middle of it to the top of your shaft with some skin in front of it and you should not be hard or kind of hard. then you wrap it around on one side a little tight but not too tight. Then you take the other side, and wrap it around the same way (a little tight) and stick it on top of the other side's end.

You will need a lot of loose skin to do this method, but if you have enough you can slide the tape forward and it should make a fake foreskin for you right there. If you have nothing on ( no tugger, tape or anything) and you are soft, and you sit down, if the skin goes over the head that means you can do this.

I love this method and use it all day even when swimming (in a speedo too it doesnt show and hides your head from view ) or at school. When you have to pee the skin just slides back like a normal foreskin since the tape stretches. If you get hard it pulls back automatically which kind of sucks so sometimes you have to fix it in the bathroom or carefully through your pocket, but this is the only downside and it should get better the more skin you have restored.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

twist3dfck here again.

This tape method is what I described in my profile early this year. I've been doing this method when I first started feeling sensitive on the glans about 6 months from when I first started.

I'm still doing it now as a matter of fact taking 2 days off from tugging (I have a special day this weekend - I need it, lol). I've shared the idea to fellow restorers. Some liked it, others need more skin for it to be comfortable.

I wear it in the gym, pool, at raquet ball, boxing etc... it does the job as it heals.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's the link:



6:49 PM  
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