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Monday, October 08, 2007

Hmm its interesting being on the other side.

I never had a problem in the showers or locker rows at school with my [mostly] restored foreskin (even when I was tighter than some chic's stockings before I restored it back ) since there are so many uncut kids at school that I match up against. ( other than mine being a little shorter so far)

but now my parents signed me up to learn hockey and we all have to shower afterward since were really gross... and like all of the kids are cut except me. part of me keeps me proud but part of me is nervous. the worst part is that I swim in the same place until my mom picks me up so I basically shower and then put on my brief ( speedo) so everyone started talking about how I'm gay behind my back but I'm not. what dorks, I hope none of them are on here to see this though

so I dont know what to do but I'm upset about it when I shouldnt be. un-cut pride!!...?
makes me sad

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Anonymous Charlie in PV said...

You are now having the total uncut experience! Having grown up in the sixties, when the circ rate was well over 90 percent, I can look back over a lifetime of situations in locker rooms where I was the only one, just as you are now. Believe me, I know exactly how you are feeling. Uncut pride? In those days there was no Internet or other support that gave me reason to feel proud. Despite that, I knew that I possessed something so rare that it made me special in my own secret way. Other than the occasional stare from a young boy at swimming-pool changing rooms, I only remember one time when anyone showed any reaction to my being uncut. In Air Force basic training a fellow trainee seemed amazed that I was not circumcised. I felt that I did not owe him any explanation. I just ignored his comments and never heard anything further about it.

As for the talk about your choice of swim wear, I'm sure you are aware that young people deal with their insecurities by making such remarks. You have two choices: You can change what you wear to make them happy or ignore their talk behind your back and be your own self. I have no doubt about which course you will take. You are a brave, gutsy guy...a free spirit...your own man. Your peers will slowly mature over a long time and come to worry less about such trivial matters. Their maturation is a long-term process, but you have already shown with your restoring that you can deal with the long term.

You are bright and articulate. I admire you for the way you have been discovering who you are and reporting on your personal journey to adulthood. Keep it up, Adam. I'm pulling for you!

8:35 AM  
Blogger adam smith said...

you are awesome
thank you :)

8:28 PM  
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Blogger omar ali said...

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