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Sunday, July 27, 2008

GeologyJoe wanted to know...

Someone sent me this post a few days ago.

Basically after reading it I was asked to leave a comment, in which I said (with a link to this blog):
"honestly bro, I really wouldnt do it. I'm 15 and my parents had me "crimped ", watch the videos its pretty gross. they have gotten more and more creative with "fun " ways of cutting the foreskin... its not even cutting anymore in some hospitals, more like pressing it apart in a gross way.

who knows what method does the highest or lowest amount of damage, the bottom line is that the circ rate here in the usa is like around if not less than 50% now, so you dont have to decide based on what everyone else is anymore... you can just go with your instinct, which I hope is to just leave it alone. and that is the other thing, unless he gets a UTI, you can literally just leave it alone. there wont be any additional cleaning required until he is a lot older and can do it himself when the skin separates and can be moved around. this I guess happens at like age 7 or something.

so yeah I wouldnt touch it, I am a guy and I know how it feels to have to be the only cut guy in the locker room... where I live almost all of my friends are uncut and I was devastated...."

his response outlined that this was his favorite testimonial (to which I was flattered! ) and he seems pretty interested in it all, and thanked everyone for the information.

update (july 30): they have indeed confirmed that they are leaving their boy intact. yay http://geologyjoe.blogspot.com/2008/07/circumcision-final-post.html

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Anonymous Joe said...

Hey Adam. GeologyJoe posted an update. It seems they've decided to leave the boy be!. :)

10:54 AM  
Blogger John said...

Good for you, Adam.

You might, however, want to inform them that retraction might not occur until late teens.

3:30 AM  
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