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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can't buy a TLC-X? (no credit card?)

Hey guys, if you are my age and you want to start restoring, but dont have a credit card or cant buy something. do one of the following:
a) consider talking to your parents... or one of them (mom). whichever is nicer, closer to you, cares the most. this is a serious issue you have with you body and I'm sure they will respect you being grown up about it. however, dont complain to them... just express sympathy for yourself and be like "I really want to correct this safely without surgery or anymore damage, I think this is my best possible way and I want to get started now"

b) if that doesnt work, you are too nervous, or you dont live with your parents... then I would suggest going to the supermarket and getting a prepaid mastercard or visa card, then use that to buy a TLC-X or something. sure you're skirting the system but at least you'll be able to follow your dream of having a wondering foreskin blanket for your glans.

Either way, trust me... if you have any interest in this you mine as well start ASAP because you'll regret not casually wearing a tlc-x to work or school for the next year if you look back then and be liek "damn I should have just done it". you could be done in 6-months depending on how you were cut and how often you wear the tlc-x and what you wear when you dont wear it. (tape, trombone mouthpiece, etc.)

Restoring isnt very intrusive on one's life, take it from me! if it were, I wouldnt be doing it. It doesnt affect me socially or at school, and I just pop the devices off and reveal my lovely fauxskin before changing for sports or gym or swimming. everyone who is cut is like "what the hell>???" then everyone who is uncut is like "he's one of us". nobody has said anything but I know people remember me being cut and wonder... if only I could market this better. :) maybe I should wear the stuff to gym instead!!

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Anonymous Joe said...

If you want to buy this on your own option B is a good way to go. I didn't know that grocery stores sold prepaid credit cards but even if they don't I am fairly certain some banks sell them as gift cards. Also if you can go to the bank and open a checking account you can easily tie that to paypal. I don't think there is a minimum age for a checking account so most teens should be able to do this if they are interested. Perhaps the only wrinkle is the delivery, I am not sure someone would know what the device was even if they opened the box but aren't there instructions in them? How did you handle that?

I don't know if you really want to advertise but if you were serious, I am sure TLCtugger sells t-shirts. ;)

3:50 PM  
Blogger adam smith said...

Yeah the only downside is ron sends instructions with the tuggers, you have to ask him not to. but otherwise it comes disassembled and I dont think anybody would bat an eye

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I figured as much. I doubt anyone would even know what it was for.

I want to add that anyone (teens especially) who are thinking about restoring should discuss it at least with their parents at some point when they are comfortable talking about it. If for no other reason then it is important that people hear first hand that there are those who didn't appreciate being circumcised and would have wanted the choice.

One of the most prevalent myths associated with circumcision is that nobody ever 'complained/s' about it so it's no big deal. This has to change. Unfortunately, the only way it can change is by discussing the issue much like Adam is doing here but IRL too. Even if those you talk to about restoring don't want to do it themselves (that of course is fine) perhaps they will think twice before circumcising their future boys.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Richard Roedel said...


Just wanted to say that you've inspired me to begin restoring myself (I've been doing such since mid-April). Unfortunately, I'm currently limited to using standard medical tape (can't get my spare 12C euphonium/trombone to stick, and the one I probably could is for marching band), but if I'm lucky I'll be able to buy the TLC-X next month when that tax rebate check gets here.

--Richard R. Roedel

11:02 AM  
Blogger Torgo Ξ said...

I could never get the trombone piece to stick right using tape, but I got one of the Yourskin cones and it fits over just right, and that works perfect for me.

Depending on how wide your glans or shaft are (compared to the diameter of the mouthpiece), it might take a bit (a bit) of wrestling to get the foreskin around the wide part of the mouthpiece. But the trick is: a little spit makes things go perfectly. But it's tricky, because if you get spit on where the cone is supposed to fit over and grip the skin, it won't grip, so then you have to dry off that part of the skin, and so on.

So it takes practice, but so does everything. I followed someone's advice: try to get it on on one day, and then wait two or three days and give your penis's skin a chance to recover from that first day's fumbling, and then try getting it on again, and it'll be fine and you can wear it easily from then on.

Also: about the Yourskin cones: when you wash them off in your hands you can sort of pinch them and roll them until they feel tacky (once the soap gets the skin oil off and then when the soap's moisturizers wash off). And that makes them pretty tacky. But when you use an old nail brush to give them a good scrub (popping them inside and out, too), that really makes them even tackier.

A Yourskin cone plus one of these sheaths from this guy: manhood.mb.ca are basically what I've been doing for the past six months, and it's amazing. I'm just now starting to move up to real restoring.

10:59 PM  

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