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Thursday, July 10, 2008

AccuCirc is a horrible invention!

Okay this is absolutely disgusting. If some random adults are putting together some creative new circumcision device, shouldnt they at least be discouraging its routine use since absolutely no trusted medical firm recommends routine circumcision these days? (especially outside of the USA)

Nope, they arent. They even dub classical music over their demo video so that you cant hear the baby screaming. However you can still see him violently kicking and flailing.

Nowhere on Accucirc's website does it say that circumcision is only recommended for medical reasons only, not misinformed parents obeying a fake and cruel tradition. They are taking advantage of suckers with newborns so that they can charge you for this horribly barbaric "cookie press " device that crushes and squeezes a lovely dark line in your son's penis shaft where his foreskin used to expand over the glans from.

Not only that, but this particular device removes the most sensitive tissue from inside the foreskin, unlike the mogen clamp which AT LEAST saves the frenulum and most of that tissue. (this is what the Jews use) Less sex life, less fun in life, all thanks to these guys developing their new "foolproof " way to cut off your baby's most sensitive skin... on his genitals of all places. If you are going to use it, then you should at least be generous since this is a horrible procedure as-is.

The developers of AccuCirc only care about money. They do not care about your son's sexual pleasure or erectile-comfort because:
a) he will not know any better
b) that is probably outside of the statue of limitations
c) "too many other people" wouldnt have complained
d) "sorry!"

The only somewhat "decent circumcision " is not a circumcision at all... it is just a dorsal-slit, which saves all of that sensitive tissue and just leaves it hanging below the glans out of view. This is somewhat humane since it can be undone with ease, but still unnecessary and unjustified... yet a lot more fool-proof or safe or humane than a "Accucirc ".... A lot of people in the Philippines (one of the only other places with routine circumcision, instead at the age of 13 or so ) have a dorsal-slit done instead of a full, scarring hospital circumcision. Overall, this procedure is still not justified by me or anyone condoning the rights of an infant. The worst case I could probably imagine is asking a hospital for a dorsal-slit for your baby, and then them just doing a regular circumcision anyway. You are in a different room while your baby's penis is being cut and clamped apart, you have no idea what is going on and they shield you from it since its so awful.

The problem is that they cant circumcise based on genetics. Your son might have a longer than average erection after he grows through puberty, this will not leave enough skin for that!! It will be very uncomfortable and tight. However, if you left his foreskin, which is genetically designed for him, it wouldnt be such a problem.

Why don't they just leave more skin when they cut then? Because it will still roll-over the glans (head) by itself, naturally. What is the point then? They cant sell a device that "doesn't do anything " so why not crush off the most skin possible for that best looking result. Who cares if he will have pubic hairs on his shaft! We are making money and people "want " this.

Ignore all of the "happy " baby pictures as well, those are all clearly stock photography from some other source! (in case you didnt notice ) Your baby will look more like this... for at least a day afterward.

And he could grow into realizing what was done to him and how brutal, pointless, and disgusting it is. No part of man needs to be man-made, especially from birth, unless there is a dire medical situation involving ones life or death. Circumcision is just a way for hospitals to make an extra $600 from uninformed parents. (and then about $40 more from selling your baby's used foreskin for use in making cosmetics and other things.)

NO BABY NEEDS A CIRCUMCISION. Especially one of these HORRIBLE AccuCirc ones.

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Blogger lagunabch said...

OMG, that is sick.

Circumcision should be illegal, period.

Has always left me feeling violated, fortunately TLC to the rescue though, slowly.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Aek said...

I read an article about that and thought, "This can't be good . . ."


The whole article reeks of an endorsement of the device. I feel so bad for that baby in the video.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Richard Roedel said...

Disgusting. 'Nuff said.

(And whatever happened to 'Do no harm', anyway?)

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

If anyone feels the need to remind the doctor of his ethical obligations or if you just want to tell him what a jerk off he is feel free to drop him a line:

Contact Dr. Tomlinson at:

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4:01 AM  
Blogger adam smith said...

Joe he probably wont care because of the over-emphasized "benefits " of cutting. Its gross and unnatural, scarring, and less protective or pleasurable.

One could cut the lips from their face and not get diseases of the mouth since it was so dry, or not have to brush their teeth. Its silly that they can get away with a penile operation because its more private and less focused.. and the parents cant read someone's sexual pleasure or comfort like they can look at your face if your lips are missing.

Its why they do it to babies, it makes it feel like a birth-right, requirement, even "better " to some who are "perfectly happy " yet not knowing any better.

Its really horrible and I cant believe that there are enough sick minds to not realize that we need to put a stop to this. Just dont do it!!

12:19 PM  
Blogger IntactJack said...

That's terrible! And I thought our culture was moving FORWARD- this is definitely a step in the wrong direction. Awful stuff, absolutely awful.

5:32 AM  
Blogger Oddity said...

I can't believe that routine infant circumcision is even still an acceptable, so called, medical procedure.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn. I thought the device used on me was bad...

Keep up the effort man, I myself am experiencing the benefits of restoring my foreskin :)

7:20 PM  
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