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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Questions from Logan, a fellow teen

im thinking about it but im not sure so ill ask some questions.

1. why did you do it?
2. how can u convince me to do it.
3. what method did you use.
4. how long did it take.
5. pros / cons
6. did it change anything with your penis.
7. did any friends and/or parent find out. if so what did they say.
8. any thing else i need to know?

hey dude
1. embarrassment in public changing rooms, not being myself, more function and form, better looking... especially since I'm skinny and not much of a show-off (I'll keep my glans to myself thanks )

2. ummm because it looks way better and you will love not having your glans rubbing around all day. you probably dont really focus on how annoying it is now but you will really appreciate it when you dont have it going on. easier to stay focused and enjoy yourself

3. tlc-x tugger with various inserts and pieces from them, tried some other stuff but this is the best along with tape when you cant use this or are taking breaks at night time

4. I'm still doing it but honestly I have enough skin to cover myself and it rolls over by itself even when standing. but its hard to keep it over since I get aroused when that happens, I am still getting used to it honestly. I just want a little bit more skin just in case (mine as well ) and that way I might even get a little overhang going and it would be the best looking penis evarrrr

pros: umm you took control and got something sweet for the rest of yoru life?

cons: it takes a while and if you try to do it too fast you could get like stretch marks or something but just be careful and since you are young like me your skin like holds up the best and it looks super natural so who cares. I tried going too fast and it looks fine, but that doesnt work so dont bother hehe

6. umm not really I mean my glans is way different and there is an absurd amount of sensitivity there. I mean if you go into restoring thinking its going to be sick then you will be disappointed, but it honestly shocked me how much better it felt in all. I'm not sure how you are cut or where your scar is. it just depends on how generous or lazy the doctor was or if he was a douche and cut off the best parts or anything, let me know just describe it

7. I told my mom and she was pretty shocked but now she is ok with it just pissy because I got really mad at her for being so dumb as to commit to genital mutilation in the first place. I even showed her what it looks like now and I think she was relieved at how not gross or weird it was, it looks pretty normal. I change at school adn swim practice and its fine and everyone just think s its uncut like theirs... there arent that many cut kids that I'm friends with so I get lots of acceptance as usual and everyone who is cut thinks its cool too. nobody EVER says anything about it, except a few times at hockey but now I dont do that anymore so who cares.

8. I say go for it. if you are thinking about it then you mine as well start, you can stop at any time and just have more movement in the shaft skin and there is literally nothing to lose as long as you dont try to restore overnight or something

email me if you need anymore info!

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Anonymous Joe said...

Well Logan, Adam is the expert on this but I'll re-emphasize point 8. You can always stop so you really have nothing to lose. Everyone should be given a choice and it is of course easier to go one way than the other so even if you decide not to restore, I hope you'll keep these thoughts in mind if the topic of circumcision come up. Especially, if and when you have a son. Good Luck.

4:06 PM  
Blogger logan said...

well i know i will (when i have kids) give my son a choise when he is inhis teens

8:23 PM  
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