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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Questions from people

I'm going to try and post as many questions I receive as possible to keep the flow of information going. The questions are in italics.

Here goes:

i was but stopped restoring because im afraid the skin wont stay around the head and be loose. Will it be loose around the head?
it wont be loose if you restore young, mine is perfect. the older you get the less tight it will grow in. your body is used to adapting as you age but at that point your screwed and youll have a wrinkly saggy foreskin
the tlc tugger offers a cone thats very small compared to their beginner one and it will help make that nice tight point or overhang that everyone desires

where I from every one is cut I only kno one person who is not? I never even thought about anything different till I read ur blogs. its weird u dnt seem shy at all on here ur very open and out spoken about ur believes. u got me kind interested in restoring but I'm scared what do u thing about the fake pieces of rubber they have to simulate the fore skin? how much skin have u actually gained?
you shouldnt feel shy. your dick is your business and no one elses, thats how I feel. if someone else sees I usually sense envy, but not always
the rubber helps pull on the skin to encourage it to grow longer and tighter. the younger you are the tighter and more real it is (and smoother ) since your skin is used to growing anyway. old men restore and it looks gross. use the skin on your face as a gauge for what your foreskin will look like in terms of quality, minus any pimples moles or acne of course
right now my progress is I have full coverage when soft, sometimes full coverage or half coverage or no coverage (wrinkles behind the glans ) when semi-hard, and it still looks pretty cut when hard but its getting there. each month is better and better

so the foreskin restoration seems nteresting. when did you start and how far along are you
last may. soft I have full coverage, semi-hard it flip flops from coverage to sometimes no coverage (wrinkles behind the glans ), and hard its still pretty cut looking
I'm happy so far and I blend in with my friends. its going slowly but perfection takes time. I'm glad I started now since I love it so much more every month

how far down from the head of your penis is your skin attached ?
mine is right after the head (like after the bump or ridge or whatever you wanna call it). half way. half inner half outer skin with full frenulum leftover lucky me!

when did you get circumcized ? have you still got scar tissue ? i got circed at 14 .im 15 now and i still have scar tissue - it didnt stretch at fist but now it does but not as much as it should .
just after being born... before I could say anything

what methods do you use ?
tlc tugger at night, catiiq in the day. then when I cant use the cat I just use ttape or when I'm swimming I tape so that I have an overhang to keep the water and chlorine out. now instead of seeing a glans they see an overhang outlined on my speedo brief and I'm so proud

when i roll my skin over my penis head , it doesnt go that far . is tht a problem when restoring ? does that mean i cant use certain methods ?
it shouldnt be

how fast is it ? so ... like ... how long you been doing it ? how much more can your skin strecth up your penis head ?
I'm like half done and its been a year. the younger you are the faster and better it looks

That's it for now.



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