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Friday, April 11, 2008

Video Contest

Teen: There is a video contest for people between the ages of 14 and 24 to make a short video on what issues are important to them. Seeing how interested you are about restoration and that Bill to ban circumcision in America, I thought you might be interested in doing something in that area. Lots of cool prizes. Spread this to whoever you like.

Me: I would love to do that but I am a little afraid... I dont want my friends to know about stuff like that. it sucks because I believe in the cause yet its so private that this is why its still an issue in america because people dont understand it

Teen: I know! I feel the same way. If only I had lots of money, I would make commercials, or at large billboards that said something as simple as "QUESTION CIRCUMCISION" So many people circ because they are misinformed. I have heard stories of parents who really did not want to but just assumed it HAD to be done! I bet if the proper information could be gotten out, the circ rate in the US would drop dramatically.

I found this blog entry recently, and thought you might enjoy:



Anonymous Joe said...

Adam you are right in that most people circumcise out of ignorance and you know many don't even know that they can say no.

I can't blame you for finding a video difficult to do. I don't think I would do it either which really sucks because it is an important message. I think these things progress in stages in terms of how far we are willing to go. You've come quite a ways just by maintaining this blog, I try and post on to other blogs to correct the misinformation and get the word out but I don't see myself say walking the picket line. So we do what we are comfortable doing.

In any event while getting a large billboard or commercial would be great that takes a lot of cash (I could tell you some figures if you really wanted to know). In the meantime there are less expensive avenues, and I hemmed and hawed about providing this link, NOCIRC has been regularly running this ad in the prenatal edition of American Baby and only if you want, every little bit helps (you could also email them directly for details). When it does come out in May you could pick up a copy. :)

PS: I read that blog entry a couple of days ago too, "I'll have to teach him to clean his XXX too." Priceless. Have a good one. :)

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