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Friday, June 06, 2008

TLC-X only now! Proper instructions from me!!

I have honestly just started using the TLC-X only (no more trombone mouthpiece at night ) and occasionally tape when I feel like it would be a hassle.
Its great for school since it only takes an extra minute in the bathroom and I can just pop it off in 2 seconds before sports or swimming to reveal my lovely new fauxskin I am so proud of

The thing that helped me be comfortable with it is that you have to realize that the entire inside part is being tugged at when wearing it. including the part thats between the inner and outer cones. I wear the 24mm inside part to help space the target areas to farther up my shaft and away from my glans' underlying sensitive areas and frenulum. but its probably still being expanded anyway for the reason I just said, oh well it looks great

so basically for the tlc-x just put it as close to your glans as possible and make sure you get the frenulum version if you still have yours (need to know? yours might not look exactly like that but that varies on genetics ). just pull the skin up over the bottom part and inside cone as far as possible so that its snug. If it doesnt stay in by itself at this point when you let go then its probably too big for you but just bear with it since you will simply need to pay more attention when its going to slip off.

So once the skin is pulled all the way over, push the skin up even farther with your other hand and then put the outer cone over it. But dont push it too far. Then, let go, then grab it again, pull the outer cone off slightly, push the skin up even farther but not too far, then replace the outer cone. it should feel very secure. if you caught any hairs, you might want to either do it a third time and then pull them back out of the way beforehand.

So now you have to adjust the " plunger" part. This is easy. Carefully push it downward until you feel some discomfort. At this point, it shouldnt have taken too much, just pull it all the way back out. Then repeat. It should have equalized the vacuum inside your growing sealed-off fauxskin right now and you can move it more freely. So, push it back to about 75% of what you maxed out at before and you should feel tension but no discomfort. Maybe go like 80% if its during the day but i go like 65-70% at night just to make sure it wont come loose or get casually popped off by me if its bothering me.

But like i said you can use this at night if you dont put too much tension on but still put enough that it stays on and is effective. I love this!! trombone mouthpiece was way more hassle, the TLC-X is a great buy

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