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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Same methods!!

Still using the TLC-X or "o-tape" method during the day depending on what I am doing that day. The TLC-X is a great product really and the customization options for it should work for everyone as long as they are not too young. (eek!) I had trouble getting on the TLC-Tugger when I first started but now I can wear anything because of the added skin I have now from the progress. Penis size doesnt matter but you need a balance of size and slack skin to wear just about anything. (see example diagram of me wearing the tlc-x compared to shaft width or overall size) So for me it ended up being slack skin when I went to use a larger device, I am still growing. (the TLC-X with 24mm insert and frenulum groove.. custom made for me by Ron Low at TLC!)

O-tape is basically just wrapping a single layer of stretchy, skin colored medical foam tape (3M) around the skin pulled forward so that the end opening is about half of your glans' opening. You dont want it too tight because it will restrict going to the bathroom when you pull it back casually or too loose wont stay forward if you dont have enough skin. I usually try to make a "cone " out of the tape and skin so that its not just a small cylinder shape like a younger overhang (some of my friends at school look like that always in the showers but I dont think they can retract the skin, but in this case restorers do need to) but more of an adult coverage with a slight pucker to it at the end. it is awesome

The trombone mouthpiece is perfect for night-time!

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