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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tension amounts, comfort

Just a quick post from me on how much tension you want to have. You should feel no pain. That includes a stretching feeling, that is too much so back off a little bit until it feels like nothing is different, but if you push on the skin its still a bit springy from being expanded.

My whole first year of restoring I thought I could use as much tension as possible and get maximum results. THIS DID NOT WORK. You need to obey your body's threasholds and it will cooperate and adapt to what you want. If you feel like you are making no progress, take a step back and examine your strategies.

Restoring shouldnt be uncomfortable or painful. its annoying to have to wear stuff but it shouldnt hurt or annoy you nerves wise. Obviously you will be able to feel something there that doesnt belong (like a TLC-X! ) but it should feel fairly natural and not be a distraction.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi adam, I see that you are young and that you have started restoration at a young age (Congrats!)

don`t give up,this is the perfect time to restore as your body is still growing and your glans is not totally keretanized like a 30 y old say for ex.

keep it up, you are a tough guy :-)

3:50 AM  

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