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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Trombone mouthpiece

12-27-2007: The best way to use the trombone mouthpiece is updated: /2007/12/update-on-best-way-to-use-trombone.html

I was at the mall with my mom today and remembered people using trombone mouthpieces during the day to restore. I went to the music store and bought one, then put it on in a stall in the mall bathroom.

Since I already had tape wrapped just smaller than the glans to keep the skin forward I just pulled the skin back, unwrapped the mouthpiece and placed it on the tip, then with a little effort pushed the skin back forward over it. The tape had to stretch a little but once it was past the lip on the mouthpiece it held even the weight of the entire thing when I was completely soft. it is awesome.

My favorite feature about wearing this during the day is that I think when I have to go to gym or swimming at school I can just pull the mouthpiece out and I'm already taped then. (the tape stretches past the lip but not enough to let it fall out on its own )

You can even wear it with the TLC Tugger's your skin cone instead of tape. Its like the two were meant to be together! However I'm not sure if the outer cone's pressure would restrict inner-pull. I will ask around (or reply back to me! )

The last and most important thing is that you can pee through the air duct normally without taking it off. Just pull it out, do your business, and put it away after. you can even use a urinal as long as there are dividers so people cant see the shiny thing there!

I will give more reports later if I find any problems, but for now I really think this is good. Again, to put it on from the beginning without having anything there: place it on the tip, roll the skin over the mouthpiece's lip as far as you can without pulling any hair skin over, then tape it there so that the tape's ring is smaller than the lip of the mouthpiece. It works really well but try it out for yourself before you go out walking around in the mall like I did! but it seriously works that good and it weighs a lot to help you grow more skin whenever!

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