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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bye guys!!!

Hey all,
I am officially retiring from restore-list and my blogging and all online restoring activity. I have mixed feelings, because being circumcised has seriously been one of the most traumatic things I've ever had to deal with and its really disgraceful that our horrible country has turned its back on issues so simple, so crucial to our wellbeing.

Since the schoolyear is starting soon I basically was just like I have to retire from this because I feel like its just a constant loop of bullshitting with everyone and not doing anything to save babies or anything. It sucks because we cant do much, we are not feminists that can bitch and whine to congress and get their female genital mutilation banned. We are stuck with this. There are tons of foreskins being chopped off EVERY FRICKIN DAY. I was one of them 15 years ago. Its horrible. 15 years of foreskins are still going in the trash, getting sent out to medical firms, going wherever the fuck these dishonest doctors fucking want. They think its just cute that they are performing such an "innocent" surgery on a baby boy to "better" him, its FUCKING HORRIBLE. Look at this disgusting accucirc device, WHY THE FUCK IS THIS NECESSARY ANYMORE. IT ISNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yet more devices just keep coming out to encourage this horrible disgusting and perverted behavior. I cant believe its legal for hospitals to actually RECOMMEND it. WHAT THE FUCK??!??!

So, I must move on. I have grown a lot and have also grown to realize that there are a lot of stupid fucking people in the world and unfortunately if they choose to circumcise then so be it. We the restorers and believers in integrity of course have spread the information as best as possible to search engines like Google for soon to be parents with a BRAIN to find, but there is still absolutely nothing that we can do about the doctors advising otherwise or going by their "old and trusted" methods and recommendations, as the doctors who advised my own mother did. Its a god damn shame and speaking of god, there is no god. It is damn obvious at this point. That is part of the problem.

I am of course leaving my blog online and its contents intact, I will always continue to support those who encourage the changing of peoples minds but I just cant stay committed to it anymore. I really hope that I have helped a lot of people or at least been a role-model for people my own age but its just too depressing to think about anymore.

So, I leave you all at this point. sorry


Blogger Oddity said...

It's been a great run. Have you reached your goal?

11:31 PM  
Blogger Nate said...

Well first of all, thanks for writing your blog Adam. It's always been one of the more interesting reads in the FR community. You are a big role model to a lot of people, in my opinion anyway.

I can understand your frustration. It makes no sense that routine circs are still being performed. It's sick to think of all the guys who were never given a choice. I like to think we as a community are making a difference. I have argued with some people who had some faulty knowledge of foreskins and saved a baby boy's foreskin by talking to his mother, she was a friend of mine. So you just have to make an impact in small ways and hopefully it keeps on spreading. Just do whatever you can do to help!

Good Luck

12:25 AM  
Blogger Aek said...

I empathize with your sentiment, but know that things have been changing (albeit slowly). Parents today are less likely to do this to their baby boys and there is a turn-over in the medical community as newer, younger doctors who are more "foreskin friendly" replace the older doctors who still advocate it.

It's sad to see you go, but I hope you don't let whatever bitterness or disappoint get you down. Do what you must, and change what you can.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Torgo Ξ said...

First, personally between you and me, I've gotta thank you for all your advice on what equipment you find to work the best, and the tricks with fitting them all just right. If it weren't for you, it would all have been too clumsy, and I'd have given up, no question. Maybe some time I'll see ya around on http://www.foreskin-restoration.net/forum/ where guys trade tips on working the new TLC gear and stuff.

And on bigger issues-- and I hope Blogger doesn't make me be lame and make this two posts-- Circumcision is awful and dangerous, but it's getting rarer, so my idea is (and give this a chance): Declare victory ahead of time! Because whatever Adam or Torgo do or don't do, this is what will happen:

~The Future~

Infant circ. rates in the UK, Canada, and Australia are already plummeting, and by 2015, I bet you they'll be under 10%, and they'll be only for apparent medical reasons (i.e., not routine anymore), and they won't be radical circumcisions-- only enough foreskin will be removed or altered to fix the problem, and the rates will drop further as doctors are shown non-circ (and cheap) treatments for things like phimosis that normally make them reach for a scalpel. Countries that have national health systems know that time spent performing and treating a circumcision, is time better spent doing anything else. You can count on that!

The US is a very litigious country. Ugh. But for once, that will be useful! Because: young men are already suing their doctors for malpractice for having circumcised them without clear reason. Some of these cases will win for obvious reasons- but even if exactly none win, the simple cost of having to defend these cases in court will make the malpractice insurers lean on doctors, instantly and across the whole country at once-- because those company will figure that money spent defending those court cases is money better spent on anything else! You can count on that!

So the US insurers will tell the US doctors: avoid circumcising, don't even suggest it! and for parents who think they want it, to try to talk them out of it, mention the circ danger facts... that you and me already know. (Also: so many doctors in the US are from other countries that I bet they're already puzzled by why Americans would ever want circumcision to be radical and routine.)

And medical insurance companies will stop covering the cost of routine circumcisions, because they avoid paying for anything not totally necessary. And parents will start asking "wait, why should we pay $300 for something you don't even suggest?" Pregnancy is expensive enough as it is.

Non-circ facts are already a strong word-of-mouth force, and believe me, it didn't use to be that way! (And "foreskin restoration!?" Ten years ago, hardly anybody had even heard the words, or imagined them! And before there was the Web? No way no how!)

The AMA and APA (taking the lead from the UK etc, and nudged by both kinds of insurers) will soon change their stance from "circ or not, we don't care" to: you better have a medical reason to do this. And requiring a medical reason means that it will have to be a clearly documented reason, not just whim-- or else it'll be totally open to challenge later in court.

And it will be pressed further: not only will there have to be a reason, but the doctor will have to demonstrate why a less radical treatment wasn't used. (I mean, you don't amputate an arm to treat a hangnail.) And for every dumb Insta-Circ Quack-o-Tron implement that some shady company tries to sell to MDs, there'll be someone pointing out "you know, if you just put steroidal cream RJ11 on that, and stretch it a bit every day for two weeks, the problem will go away, no scalpel needed!".
All that will make infant circumcision in the US go from common-ish, to rare, very quickly. Yes, some changes in the medical system are slow-- but once insurance companies sense trouble, and see a way to avoid it, they can force a national change almost overnight.

And, for once, something good will have come out of the litigiousness of the US and the structure of its health-care system! For once!

(I mean: US doctors, seriously, used to take tonsils out, as a matter of course. Now it's practically a last resort. If a doctor now went taking out tonsils as commonly as doctors used to, his hospital and malpractice insurer would lock him up in the loony bin. Well, if doctors can stop slicing out tonsils...)

And, finally, religious Jews and Moslems will give it up. Most religious Jews currently think that routine (and radical) infant circumcision is crucial, but that's actually historically recent, and even Maimonides was against it, with clear scriptural reasoning, so that will change. With Moslems, folks will simply point out: "The Koran doesn't even mention it, so why does anyone think we have to do it?"

I bet you: Before your college diploma lands in your hand, you'll see, three-quarters of what I just said, will have happened, and the rest will be in the works. You can count on that.

And finally-finally, a thought:

Whatever biomedical researcher finally gets a handle on skin cell growth and regeneration, stands to make billions from even just part of the money currently spent on facial plastic surgery just in the US. And there will be "spin-off" technologies: treatment of burn victims, birthmark erasure, foreskin restoration stuff, maybe even tattoo removal. That means that (maybe tomorrow, maybe in twenty years) foreskin restoration could change from taking a year-and-a-half to a week-and-a-half. Who knows when that will be, but I've got fingers crossed, and there's serious money working on the problem.

And don't get depressed, stay coooool, and just tell people: "look at nocirc.org". And if you're feeling verbose: "I would believe you, but it's rare in Europe, and they seem fine!" And whoever resists these arguments is a jackass, and it's always good to know who is and isn't a jackass.


1:03 AM  
Blogger GeologyJoe said...

well, man not for nothing, but you helped in our decision.

-good luck in the future.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

See that Adam, you did make a difference. :)

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

i read your site. i ordered my tlc-x .. thanks for all the hard work you did on your site..

12:33 PM  
Blogger WalkingOnTheH2O said...

I seriously think you should keep going.... maybe not the blogging and stuff... but keep restoring. if nothing else... I'm 20... I learned about foreskin restoration at about your age... I'd be done now and intact if I'd kept going but I stopped for a very long time..... and now I'm wishing I hadn't. you're young and I know it's gonna b tough to keep pressing on... but I want you to know that I think you should keep pressing on with your restoration. heck, if you need encouragement, I'm always on foreskinrestorationchat.info, (just make sure to tell us all you're 18 ;) (you can tell me who you are, my nick is GinoMan)) keep moving forward, you won't regret it.

11:09 PM  
Blogger logan said...

this is hard to think that the person who made me want to restore is now leaving off the face of the cyper world! i will miss talking to you adam. hopefuly you'll come back.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Some said...

I know how you feel, Adam...well, if you're ever a parent you can make the right decisions.

11:11 PM  
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