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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tried some stuff

Rode with my dad to Home Depot and got some random sizes. They are hard to put on, would not stay on, and slip off. But they are cheap, so if they work for you then maybe its a good place to start. But I won't be using them.

TLC Your Skin Cone.
Tried wearing this instead of tape this afternoon. It works okay since I have more skin now, but if it nudges your leg or you hit it by accident then it pops off and is useless. (so you have to wear briefs or boxer briefs to be safe! ) Plus its awkward using a urinal with it. So, I won't be using this either.

Winner: 3m Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Tape (skin colored)
Even though the skin color is way too light for my skin, my favorite things about this are that it stretches, its more stealth than white tape I guess, and its smooth waterproof and easy to remove. Instead of t-taping or something like that, I stretch the skin forward and tape around it... pulling it tight to create almost a small faux overhang. Works great, and when I need to use a urinal or something I can just pull the skin back as if natural because the tape stretches! yay. I have seen people glance from across the bathroom (thank god for urinal dividers!! haha) when they see me pull something back... they must be jealous