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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Funny comic

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Adam- I'm 13 and circumsized and want to restore but I'm having difficulties with things. I cant order any devices online, and my parents would NOT approve of my restoring. How did you start out and can you give me any tips or information on what I can do?


That sucks! Restoring young is hard too, I can barely fit some of the devices on there. Theres really no way to do it otherwise though since t-taping is really slow.

The best thing I can suggest is maybe stretching manually then using t-tape too? Be gentle. its not going to happen overnight and if you go at it too hard that means ouch and it will actually slow down the stretching.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Questions from Comments

1. You mentioned that you were afraid your Mom was recommending the procedure; which was the catalyst for your 'coming out'. Was this in fact the case; was she doing it?

I dont think she was, but she said that everyone on both sides of the family is done. This is sad, because everyone is misinformed. She didnt have to encourage anybody

2. If she was actively recommending or still felt circumcision was 'right' did your conversation change her position? Would she recommend it to a friend still; knowing that her own son was dissatisfied not with just a particular result but the idea of the procedure itself?
--I think this second question/point is the most important because when people discuss circumcision, in the US that is, EVERYONE knows SOMEONE who had to get it done later in life and it seems NO ONE know ANYONE who is dissatisfied. Now many of us know that is bull and now all that has changed for her too.

She feels really bad about doing it to me and actually wishes she hadnt and agrees that it should have been my choice. the problem is that she didnt think that I'd care and wanted me to be the way most people expected me to be, which is not what I wanted. I always thought I was normal until I saw my friends changing and realized what a horrible thing had been done to me

3. Have you 'inspired' any one else to restore or otherwise change their attitudes toward circumcision based on your blog, experiences, ect?

Not really but some people have asked me about it

4. What on earth does restoring have to do with being gay? :)

I guess it gives some people the impression that your interested too much in your own thing, but I think that every kid/guy is even if they dont show it. I like girls too and I want them to be able to enjoy my skin as much as I do

5. It would be interesting to hear what your dad has to say (I am sure he'll find out) since it seems circumcised fathers leads to circumcised sons.

He wont understand, but he probably will find out eventually

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