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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

O-Rings - Third[?] time is the charm

I have tried o-rings before without much success.
A few days ago I tried them again, again without much success.

But I was successful enough to at least get some benefit from them. As far as I can tell you can only wear them for short periods of time because they totally restrict your circulation and if you leave them on it'll result in.... you guessed it... another circumcision or possibly worse. You have to be careful and I honestly dont think this is a good way to restore.

But that said I think this is sort of a "sprint " in the restoring world. If you could wear o-rings for like an hour or two per day and then wear just a retainer that holds the skin very gently at the position you want I think you could get sick results.


Moving on, my swim practices are canceled all week this week since we have exams. But my mom wants me to practice anyway so she has been bringing me on my own. This means two things......

1) My friends arent there
2) I have to use the men's changing room since the team's room isnt available

So since I am using the regular men's locker room, I wore the o-rings under both my speedo and in the shower. With the brief on it didnt really matter because my starting overhang when I am in cold water and all tiny its fairly prominent so it looks the same if not just thicker, which I dont really think looks that good but whatever nobody was really looking and at least you couldnt see this penis head outline instead gross.

In teh shower there were like 5 older guys and they all looked down at me like 5 times over and over. I am glad they were curious but I obviously felt safe since there were so many other people in the shower area steam room and the sauna plus the lockers so I wasnt worried about getting abducted or harassed. I was ready to answer questions but I think they were too nervous since I am so young. I dont blame them for looking because its pretty obvious and looks totally anteatered (a good thing ) but I am now like a walking billboard when I am in those areas. I just hope nobody thinks I am perverted or something.

This summer when I dont have as many practices I will probably wear them sometimes just for kicks but I honestly like sporting just my naturally obtained "fauxskin " just as much.

Its a tossup and I can go either way, but anything to promote the intact look to most cut guys. I think people understand the o-rings right away as long as they got a clear view to see that its many small rings like that african neck thing not just a bandage or something. It definitely doesnt look bandaged.


One more thing. I really think that the TLC-Tugger's inner part makes the best insert for using o-rings especially if it fits nicely and or has the frenulum groove cut if you still have yours and it didnt get lopped off by that nasty circumciser doctor!! eww. You can make your own insert using a baby bottle or pacifer nipple filled with clay or glue or some other thing but since the TLC gives it that anteater look and has that metal piece at the top thats so thin allowing the least amount of elasticity on the o-rings and pressure on the skin without sacrificing any effectiveness or whatever the heck I am talking about

As for o-ring sizing, buy a lot of o-rings. you would be surprised that you will need a very large size. Even me being young I still need a pretty big o-ring since my skin is pretty thick. But you want a THIN o-ring not a thick one so that you can actually stretch it around and get a solid ring of skin in there.

You need to put like 4 fingers inside the ring to stretch it then keep applying o-rings 1 below the other until you are unable to push the ones at the top off easily and there is an even and balanced ring of bunched skin at the top holding them all on.

AND BE CAREFULL!!!! YOU CANT WEAR THEM FOR TOO LONG it is dangerous. Overnight is WAY too risky and even during the day at school or work I wouldnt recommend. Maybe when working out or at sports or coming home from school or work wear them for an hour or two MAXIMUM. Or get a looser o-ring if you can get it to stay on and find a big enough insert that is still comfortable and not weird or obvious.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Same methods!!

Still using the TLC-X or "o-tape" method during the day depending on what I am doing that day. The TLC-X is a great product really and the customization options for it should work for everyone as long as they are not too young. (eek!) I had trouble getting on the TLC-Tugger when I first started but now I can wear anything because of the added skin I have now from the progress. Penis size doesnt matter but you need a balance of size and slack skin to wear just about anything. (see example diagram of me wearing the tlc-x compared to shaft width or overall size) So for me it ended up being slack skin when I went to use a larger device, I am still growing. (the TLC-X with 24mm insert and frenulum groove.. custom made for me by Ron Low at TLC!)

O-tape is basically just wrapping a single layer of stretchy, skin colored medical foam tape (3M) around the skin pulled forward so that the end opening is about half of your glans' opening. You dont want it too tight because it will restrict going to the bathroom when you pull it back casually or too loose wont stay forward if you dont have enough skin. I usually try to make a "cone " out of the tape and skin so that its not just a small cylinder shape like a younger overhang (some of my friends at school look like that always in the showers but I dont think they can retract the skin, but in this case restorers do need to) but more of an adult coverage with a slight pucker to it at the end. it is awesome

The trombone mouthpiece is perfect for night-time!

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tension amounts, comfort

Just a quick post from me on how much tension you want to have. You should feel no pain. That includes a stretching feeling, that is too much so back off a little bit until it feels like nothing is different, but if you push on the skin its still a bit springy from being expanded.

My whole first year of restoring I thought I could use as much tension as possible and get maximum results. THIS DID NOT WORK. You need to obey your body's threasholds and it will cooperate and adapt to what you want. If you feel like you are making no progress, take a step back and examine your strategies.

Restoring shouldnt be uncomfortable or painful. its annoying to have to wear stuff but it shouldnt hurt or annoy you nerves wise. Obviously you will be able to feel something there that doesnt belong (like a TLC-X! ) but it should feel fairly natural and not be a distraction.

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