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Sunday, July 27, 2008

GeologyJoe wanted to know...

Someone sent me this post a few days ago.

Basically after reading it I was asked to leave a comment, in which I said (with a link to this blog):
"honestly bro, I really wouldnt do it. I'm 15 and my parents had me "crimped ", watch the videos its pretty gross. they have gotten more and more creative with "fun " ways of cutting the foreskin... its not even cutting anymore in some hospitals, more like pressing it apart in a gross way.

who knows what method does the highest or lowest amount of damage, the bottom line is that the circ rate here in the usa is like around if not less than 50% now, so you dont have to decide based on what everyone else is anymore... you can just go with your instinct, which I hope is to just leave it alone. and that is the other thing, unless he gets a UTI, you can literally just leave it alone. there wont be any additional cleaning required until he is a lot older and can do it himself when the skin separates and can be moved around. this I guess happens at like age 7 or something.

so yeah I wouldnt touch it, I am a guy and I know how it feels to have to be the only cut guy in the locker room... where I live almost all of my friends are uncut and I was devastated...."

his response outlined that this was his favorite testimonial (to which I was flattered! ) and he seems pretty interested in it all, and thanked everyone for the information.

update (july 30): they have indeed confirmed that they are leaving their boy intact. yay http://geologyjoe.blogspot.com/2008/07/circumcision-final-post.html

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Current daily routine (Question from Ashton)

"I tried restoring a year ago but gave it up b/c I didn't like tugging. I'm just getting back into it and have purchased a tlc-x and some packers and extra cones. I'm concerned with moving to fast and being too aggressive with it. I really want to have a sweet tight coverage when I'm done restoring. So I'm thinking I should just go slow and be patient with it. I'm dedicated to it now though. You've inspired me not to stop this time. :)

Would you mind replying back with your typical day and activities and how you progress through a day and night? Basically, your restoring routine. I really like the results you say that you've had and I think that we both had the same amount of foreskin in tact before we started. I really want this to work out but want it to look good. Just don't want to mess it up. "

Hey ashton,
TLC-X was a good choice, I use it during the day and do my "o-tape " otherwise especially while sleeping. I have given up completely on tugging at night since it always comes off and or becomes uncomfortable, just wear a retainer that is secured but not too tightly to prevent a comfortable boner.

I found that if you wear the tlc-x every day all the time, the skin gets exhausted and the tlc-x comes off more easily. If you take breaks like this at night, you wont have any problems with the skin and it gives it time to heal.

Also, when you apply the tlc-x, you shouldnt have a whole lot of movement in the plunger part of it. maybe only 1/4 to 1/2 inch. if its more than an inch for example, you are applying it wrong and not putting enough even tension on that inside area. If you want to expand a greater area of skin, use a larger insert piece. (like the 16mm one you mentioned getting, I use a 24mm one )

thanks, and let me know if you have any more questions :)

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Friday, July 25, 2008

"Uncircumcised vs. Circumcised? Thoughts From One Circumcised at Age 16"

I saw this post online from someone I met after they were having problems with their circumcision...

I've given this a lot of thought and I've had some very long discussions with some older friends about this, and I wanted to post my feelings.

March 22nd [2007] I was circumcised, thats the fact here.

I've come to realize a few points.. I made some major mistakes

1) I listened to other kids / teenagers about "what is best", and not my parents and doctors.
2) Even if you decide to do something like this against your parents suggestions, you should always tell the doctor "this is what I want, how can I get that" And then take their advice. When you think you know it all and insist that it be done a certain way only, your bound to get some screw ups.

The point of the matter is, I was too young to make the decision and I did it, and I have to live with the consequences of it.

Granted, IMO there's not all bad things from this. There's a lot I like, but it could have been a lot better. will talk about both.

1: I like the looks of my penis when I am erect. I never did like the over hang and extra foreskin. I think it looks better with the head out and ready to get action.
2: blowjobs feel much better
3: I dont have to clean under my foreskin, and beleive me with as long as my foreskin was it wasnt easy when i was soft to clean it.
4: I have literally no scar line, so this is a good thing. you can only tell where it happened because the skin changes color sightly.

1: because I was stupid and wouldn't listen to the suggestion of my doctors, my circumcision ended up being extremely tight because I was DUMB. I didn't think she was taking off the right amount of skin and I asked for more. Again this is my fault. Now I have to live with being cut really tight.
2: Because I'm really tight jacking off without lube is impossible. I've tried every way i can think of and I've had others try to do it on me, it just doesn't work, it hurts too much. This means i have to have some type of lube every time i want to JO.. suckage. So Masturbation is worse overall.
3: my penis when im soft looks significantly smaller. I knew this before i went into it and im not that worried about it, but it does suck

The Not sure if Good or Bad:
1: I've noticed that when I get "extremly" hard, my scrotum gets pulled up a bit on my shaft and doesnt hang right. My balls now dance like mad when i whack off and im not sure if thats good or bad, some people say its good but.. is it?
2: orgasms come faster when I am getting a blowjob.
3: orgasms come slower when I am jacking off and it takes a lot more work.

In finishing this post, I THINK I MADE A MISTAKE IN GETTING CIRCUMCISED. Operating on a prepubescent penis is just not something that can be done accurately. I think everyone should have a choice in the matter, but I think people should be making the choice for the right reasons, not the wrong reasons. And not because they are stubborn.. that goes either way. I realize and I know that I cant go back and undo what I've done. I have to accept the fact that I got what I asked for. I got circumcised. I did not get the results I wanted, nor anywhere close to it. But I did in fact get what I asked for and this is something I will have to live with, because I made the choice.

Whose fault was it? Mine. I accept that responsibility.

I'm sorry to my friends who I've complained and cried to, and I thank those for giving me someone to talk to. I love yall. Thanks to everyone reading this post as it makes me feel a lot better to get it off my chest and come 'clean' about my feelings and results. Maybe someone else will take advice from my lessons learned and not make the same mistakes I did, and get the results they really wanted.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

A surprise in the mail.... my medical records

A while ago I requested my birth records, but we have been away. We still are but our mail is being forwarded so today they showed-up! I saw a thick envelope addressed to me with confidential stamped everywhere and snatched it before anyone else saw.

Opened it up and it seems like they gave me everything I wanted to see for a modest $7 which I guess I have to mail them a check for now. I was surprised about how easy it was to get these records without any proof of identity, social security number, or even phone call. You literally just fill out the information and tell them where you want to send it to. It was almost TOO easy. And like I said the stuff just showed-up with no confirmation of my identity or anything. I'm a minor even!! weird.

So anyway moving forward and paging through the documentation, I noticed a few things right away:
1. I was circumcised the day after I was born, not right after. and I was born in the morning so there was at least 24-hours of a delay.
2. On the "discharge summary " which they give you as you leave the hosptial, obviously, they had to physically write-in that I was circumcised, it wasnt a printed option anymore when I was born I guess.
3. The initial birth summary reported that everything was fine and completely normal, and it was a vaginal birth.

Then I got to the circumcision consent form, I noticed a few more things:
1. This was given to my mom as soon as she showed up at the hospital, two weeks before I was born. Signed by her in her same exact handwriting she has now (sigh ) and authorizing only a specific doctor to do it.
2. Then there is a separate section below that that was filled out the day after I was born with the doctors and technicians signatures.
3. The form actually went over a lot of the stuff I didnt think they mentioned. I have typedi t out more below.

"Consent for circumcision
Circumcision is a procedure in which the foreskin ( fold of skin that covers the end of the penis) is surgically removed. Many parents are interested i nhaving circumcision done for ehtnic, cultural , religiouos, or social reasons; but there is still some medcial controversy about the need for the procedure on a routine basis. Please read and sign this consent form if you wish to have your infant circumcised.

1. I/we would like to have our infant circumcised.
2. I/we have read the information sheet "considerations for non-ritual circumcision" and have discussed the advantages and risks of the surgery with our obstetrician.
3. I/we understand these risks include hemorrhage (bleeding ), infection, adhesion formation, cosmetic deformity, or functional defect. Significant complication occurs about once in every 500 circumcisions.
4. I/we understand that other unexpected risks or complications not mentioned may occur, and I/we acknowledge that no guarantees nor promises have been mad e to me/us concerning the results of this surgery.
5. I authorize doctor ______ to perform a circumcision on our infant ___.
6. I/we authorize and request the authorities of the _____ hospital to dispose of any tissue which may be removed and/or use it for diagnostic, scientific, or teaching purposes.

All questions were answered and the parent( s) consent to the procedure"

So obviously I was a little pissed that my parents were still stupid enough to go through with this after its clearly all laid out there but maybe the doctor was soothing about it and stuff. I mean I definitely had some cosmetic deformities like they say but they are now hidden inside my new fauxskin.

One of those cosmetic deformities has now been answered by the NEXT SHEET of paper...
about 12 hours after my circumcision it started 'oozing " and they had to suture part of it. I was WONDERING ABOUT THAT because I can see where it was and always noticed the scar popping apart at one place for maybe 3/4 of a centimeter with it looking a bit "mended ". according to this they then reviewed the suturing 3 hours later and there was nothing more about that.

So I guess this answered a lot of questions for me but I'm not really sure what to do now because I am still upset and havent found closure on all of this yet. Obviously especially thanks to this I cant sue anybody because it was 100% my dumb parents fault even though they wanted what they THOUGHT was best but then ignored the nurse being like "you really dont need to do this ... " by saying it was a " fad" not to cut and telling the nurse it was " none of her business! " (true story ) . I'm sure they didnt know any better until I told my mom like 4 times I was pissed off and she probably didnt know any better since all of my little cousins are still cut by horrible people not knowing any better and this is a total disaster.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

AccuCirc is a horrible invention!

Okay this is absolutely disgusting. If some random adults are putting together some creative new circumcision device, shouldnt they at least be discouraging its routine use since absolutely no trusted medical firm recommends routine circumcision these days? (especially outside of the USA)

Nope, they arent. They even dub classical music over their demo video so that you cant hear the baby screaming. However you can still see him violently kicking and flailing.

Nowhere on Accucirc's website does it say that circumcision is only recommended for medical reasons only, not misinformed parents obeying a fake and cruel tradition. They are taking advantage of suckers with newborns so that they can charge you for this horribly barbaric "cookie press " device that crushes and squeezes a lovely dark line in your son's penis shaft where his foreskin used to expand over the glans from.

Not only that, but this particular device removes the most sensitive tissue from inside the foreskin, unlike the mogen clamp which AT LEAST saves the frenulum and most of that tissue. (this is what the Jews use) Less sex life, less fun in life, all thanks to these guys developing their new "foolproof " way to cut off your baby's most sensitive skin... on his genitals of all places. If you are going to use it, then you should at least be generous since this is a horrible procedure as-is.

The developers of AccuCirc only care about money. They do not care about your son's sexual pleasure or erectile-comfort because:
a) he will not know any better
b) that is probably outside of the statue of limitations
c) "too many other people" wouldnt have complained
d) "sorry!"

The only somewhat "decent circumcision " is not a circumcision at all... it is just a dorsal-slit, which saves all of that sensitive tissue and just leaves it hanging below the glans out of view. This is somewhat humane since it can be undone with ease, but still unnecessary and unjustified... yet a lot more fool-proof or safe or humane than a "Accucirc ".... A lot of people in the Philippines (one of the only other places with routine circumcision, instead at the age of 13 or so ) have a dorsal-slit done instead of a full, scarring hospital circumcision. Overall, this procedure is still not justified by me or anyone condoning the rights of an infant. The worst case I could probably imagine is asking a hospital for a dorsal-slit for your baby, and then them just doing a regular circumcision anyway. You are in a different room while your baby's penis is being cut and clamped apart, you have no idea what is going on and they shield you from it since its so awful.

The problem is that they cant circumcise based on genetics. Your son might have a longer than average erection after he grows through puberty, this will not leave enough skin for that!! It will be very uncomfortable and tight. However, if you left his foreskin, which is genetically designed for him, it wouldnt be such a problem.

Why don't they just leave more skin when they cut then? Because it will still roll-over the glans (head) by itself, naturally. What is the point then? They cant sell a device that "doesn't do anything " so why not crush off the most skin possible for that best looking result. Who cares if he will have pubic hairs on his shaft! We are making money and people "want " this.

Ignore all of the "happy " baby pictures as well, those are all clearly stock photography from some other source! (in case you didnt notice ) Your baby will look more like this... for at least a day afterward.

And he could grow into realizing what was done to him and how brutal, pointless, and disgusting it is. No part of man needs to be man-made, especially from birth, unless there is a dire medical situation involving ones life or death. Circumcision is just a way for hospitals to make an extra $600 from uninformed parents. (and then about $40 more from selling your baby's used foreskin for use in making cosmetics and other things.)

NO BABY NEEDS A CIRCUMCISION. Especially one of these HORRIBLE AccuCirc ones.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

New poll: "Teen boys: Are you afraid to complain about your circumcision?"

This new poll I made should be live soon:


"y do u hate being cut so much one of my friends is for medical reasons and i have seen his penis it doesnt look that bad. wats so bad about it?"

My answer:
its unnatural being cut and you have scars and there are a lot of defects to most cuts done at birth. they have like an assembly line here in the usa when babies are born and the people doing it dont care if they mess up since they do so many, its horrible

I got lucky and most of my inner foreskin and frenulum are still there, but why the fuck should they be able to decide how much sexual pleasure I get? some douchebag intern doctor could have fucked up my fucking penis for life!!


Thursday, July 03, 2008

How to do the TLC-X SUPER TUG!!

I invented this, and it works really well.
Try it.

What you need: a TLC-X tugger (preferably with a larger inner piece, I use the 24mm one with a frenulum cut-out ), 3M Skin-colored medical stretchy foam tape.

Here are the instructions drawn out. It also explains how to do an "O-Tape" which is what I use at school days that I cant wear the tlc-x, or sometimes at swim practice or when running around. it helps!

CLICK TO ENLARGE: (if only it were that easy! )

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I saw this and had to post it...

I feel the exact same way. :(

I first found out about it when I was a kid at camp and didn’t like the idea that someone had cut off part of my body. Especially there. As I grew up, and learned more and more information through sex education, etc., it started to bother me more, to the point where by my late teens it would make me feel bad if I thought of it or if it ever came up. It always struck me as unfair, finding out the shabby reasons or being told it didn’t really matter much one way or the other. If it didn’t really matter either way, then why was it done to me? A lot of my friends weren’t cut. [Editor: Note how this young man has difficulty naming what was done to him.]

Physically, I haven’t known any different, but I suffered psychologically from the feelings that go with having a healthy part of my body cut off without my consent. I really feel violated by it. I also hate the fact that while discovering sexuality, like all guys do around puberty, involved me finding the scar and being bothered by the fact that I was cut. I don’t think discovering your own body should involve that kind of thing at all. A kid shouldn’t have to deal with that. It wasn’t done for any medical need but because my parents happened to think it was ‘cleaner’ or ‘healthier.’ I really don’t think I’d have had trouble having to spend an extra 5 seconds in the shower to clean it if it meant having my whole sex anatomy intact the way the male body is designed. I find it appalling that the medical community allows this to continue, whose body is it anyway? It still pisses me off to this day and can upset me because it brings up feeling violated and the physicality of it is permanent. I find the attitude some people still have around it a little disturbing like its business as usual. I’m not saying worse things don’t happen, but I don’t get how some people still to this day think that cutting off a part of a healthy child’s penis is normal. Cutting off body parts is supposed to be a last resort in medicine. I really do hope that the doctors will step up and do the right thing on this. Regardless of whatever slight possible medical benefits doctors should recognize that it is wrong to cut off healthy body parts from someone who can’t consent. It should be a individual choice not a parental one. Parents have to decide a lot of things, but permanently removing part of their kid’s penis, when he’ll be able to decide for himself later, shouldn’t be one of them.

Being harmed by the actions of a doctor, I really find it hard to accept that they allow this to continue. Nobody should be harmed by medicine, and especially when there isn’t even some specific reason why they might be needing a treatment that could go wrong. I was healthy and would have probably stayed that way. And the harm I experienced was caused by the actions of a doctor ‘treating’ me for absolutely nothing except for the fact that I was born having a anatomically complete body.

from blOUCH! (link)