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Friday, September 29, 2006


I heard a tip in my e-mail that if you put spit on your remaining foreskin before putting the tugger on, it'll allow it to move a little better and speed up your growth.

I'll try it and post later. If you try it e-mail me.

September 2006

Ever since school started I haven't been online as much so sorry for not updating.

I've been wearing the tape during the day to keep the head safe and its going pretty well. When I go to the bathroom I only use the urinals if nobody else is there... I have had some close calls with people seeing me!! I usually just use the stall and stand so people arent suspicious.

I hope I can restore quickly so I can be natural without having to do all this extra work! On gym days I don't wear the tape at all or take it off right before changing (in the bathroom or something).. this is kind of cool because the skin stays forward by itself and people see me when I'm changing.. I'm so proud!! But then the skin slides back eventually or in the shower so that is no fun.

sometimes- llllo
sometimes- =:

sometimes: lllllo
sometimes (the best)- ==:

| = scar.. becoming less visible (hiding in the ridges)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Taping Tips

1) Tape up not down! That way when you peel it from the top to go to the bathroom, anything that drips down with gravity won't affect the reattachment

2) When taking the tape off, be gentle. The fastest way without hurting yourself is to press the skin down with your thumb to pull it away from the tape, rather than pulling the tape off of the skin. Its painless and fast.

3) always wear tape when your not tugging! (to train the skin forward and keep the glans covered)

When you get further along you'll notice less and less stress on the tape when soft... its because the skin is getting longer and taking the shape in which it holds it. Feels great and looks good, too... especially when it starts to stay in place when you take the tape off! (even if its only for a minute or two like me) :)