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Saturday, February 03, 2007

February 2007, CATIIQ

I replaced the TLC Tugger. My cousin helped me order a CATIIQ and I love it!! The cat can be used like the tugger with a strap or just by itself since it can self tension on the inside. Since theres no strap I can wear it to school and just take it off in the bathroom before I change for gym. Its working really well since I can keep the skin tight all of the time now! buy a CAT

The other thing that changed was the skin started rolling itself forward by itself when I'm standing up. This is so awesome!!

Soft: always =:. (very small overhang sometimes like a nipple)

rare- =l||||o
sometimes- ==[: ( showing a little bit)
sometimes- ==:


In a few months it will be my one year restoring anniversary (I started last may ) so I hope I will have full medium coverage then and be working on hard coverage!!