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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Clothes, Manual tugging, Dekernelization, and some TLC tugger tips!

I'm still making really good progress here on restoring. Since I last posted I made some more discoveries.

1. Clothes rubbing really bother me now more than ever if I dont keep the tip covered with skin. Its bad, but has part to do with the dekernelization of the glans which I'm going to talk more about later. However, I really like the sensitivity boost and its covered most of the time by my new skin now.

2. Manual tugging is very very important. more than I thought it was before. If you tug manually for a few minutes (lots of tension but not painful, just stretching ), then put the TLC tugger on after, Ive seen changes overnight in length from the efficientcy of this strategy. See my TLC tugger tip below.

How to manual tug: I usually use both hands to pull the areas of shaft skin I want to expand away from each other in sort of a stretching motion. Once I feel tension I hold it there for 30 seconds and then repeat a few more times before putting the tlc tugger on. (see instructions below )

3. Dekernelization: When the tip ( glans) is exposed all of the time on a circumcised penis it dries out and wrinkles and roughens like chapped lips. Now that I have new skin to cover it like the other intact kids at school or swim /hockey practice, I obviously dont want it to stay chapped and wrinkled because thats embarrassing and it feels like rubber! It should be smooth and plain like theirs!

Good news: I've found out accidentally that urine is the best way to regain health and sensitivity of this part. I think this is because intact kids and guys usually just pee with the skin forward sometimes, especially when they are kids. Urine is sterile and acidic according to wikipedia and that must help accelerate the shedding of the dried out layers.

4. TLC tugger wearing tip: This helps a lot. Once you start manually tugging you will see a huge increase in skin much faster than you had before. You have to do it all of the time though. Once this is happening, you can put less skin into the tugger ( think about only halfway up the inner cone instead of to the top) and it will stay on very well. I love the way it feels and I even increased the tension to way more than I was using before without any pain (from grabbing a hair, for example ) or discomfort. it actually feels like its doing its job twice as well. Just make sure you pull on the tugger before applying the strap to make sure its really secure, and instead of trying to adjust the skin if its not... take the entire device off and then put it back on each time until it fits right. If you adjust it manually instead of taking it off you can get folds of skin inside against the inner cone.

bye for now.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

I just figured something out.

I figured something out about why my circ was so generous. It must have been with a " Mogen clamp". These are what jewish people usually use and seems the least harsh. (but I'm not jewish, so I just got lucky )

if you scroll down to the bottom of this page: http://www.circlist.com/instrstechs/mogen.html
which has some nudity on it so dont visit it at work or school, you can see the results of that guy having it done. Mine looked just like that before I restored all of the skin, but mine was a bit looser and more generous on the inner foreskin side.

Glad I know now. thats why there was always enough skin to cover the glans but it was held back tight, because they pull it over the glans to make the cut in front of it!

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Question from someone...

Someone posted this and I thought i would share it.

I am a 14 year old uncircumzised male. My parents are both jewish,my dad is circumzised,but for some reason,they didn't circumsize me.

I hate having an uncut penis. Looking at the tip come out of the skin when I get a boner is disgusting,the tip is really sensitive,and polls show that girls much prefer circumsized penis's.

I've heard that it is actually possible to get circumsized at an older age if you wish,is that true? If so,does it work well? Or is there a good chance of getting damage.

I'm wondering if I should leave my penis the way it is or not. I've heard that uncircumsized penis's are so sensitive that it becomes hard to do anything different during sex,because you might hurt the penis.

Any help? I'd appreciate it.

First off, let me say that I'm jealous that your parents let you choose.

The way I feel for you is that, you should be happy. If you will live your life better by being cut then I say go for it, you can be proud of it and it will help you focus on whats important.

My situation was that I never knew what was wrong with me or why my glans was always being irritated or stimulated by rubbing everywhere, or why it would stick to my sack on hot days, that stuff. When I started having to shower for school a few years ago, I was devastated to find that most of my friends were uncut and I was left with a scarred dick that I knew nothing about.

It was a horrible experience, and since then I'm about half-done restoring a replacement skin thats fooled my doctor, and I blend in with my friends. I'm really proud of it and now people cant see a revealing outline at swimming from my brief, and it stays safer from the environment. If I'm naked outside or at a beach somewhere (theyre fun ), sunburn isnt as much of a problem than on a bare glans. theres a reason why we have it.

so if your going to do it then I suggest you at least get a very loose cut, but at that point you mine as well leave it alone. theres no guarantee you wont go home with too little skin which will be rock tight when erect and that feels like nothing for you and needs lots of lube for her.

you cant win 100% but I suggest you take the side that feels right.

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