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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The best thing I read today....

"I have only considered foreskin restoration, but have not seen a doctor about it yet. Since foreskin restoration is becoming more popular with younger people, maybe it is time for the US and other societies that perform male circumcision routinely to stop completely. Despite the continual decline of the procedure being done in the US for the past generation or two, it should not be allowed, except for medical or religious reasons. It is time to let guys make the decision themselves. Parents nor doctors do NOT have the right to alter their children's, or anyone else's body."
-by ksd

"Indeed, KSD. That tangent is the very same argument that several persistent, compassionate professionals are dedicating their lives to. The truth of the matter is that infant genital modification shouldn't take place any where, for any reason, whether it be for religious reasons, "medical" reasons, or just based on the preference of the parents. A person's genitalia is their property and it's perfect the way it is when they're born. The human body is an elegant, sophisticated vehicle of efficiency shaped by hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. "Tell a lie often enough, loud enough, and long enough, and people will believe you." That's Adolph Hitler. And it's true. For generations, circumcision was embedded deep in our culture as a necessary operation; embedded as a result of medical fraud in the form of misinformation fed from doctors to parents in an effort to "up-sell" for the sake of their commission. Just as once cigarettes were prescribed by doctors to "calm the nerves", circumcision remains to be seen as a beneficial procedure by a large number of ignorant people. But today we're living in the information age, where we have access to endless resources, such as those containing the many indisputable benefits of the foreskin. Today, many circumcised men are becoming enlightened on what they're actually missing -- something that would be very uncommon decades ago -- which has brought the phenomenon of restoration to life. As time goes on, more and more people will relinquish their ignorant beliefs and, just as smokes have started to become outlawed because of their harmful effect on non-users, routine infant circumcision will slowly, but surely, become -- mostly -- a thing of the past. "
-by Zippo

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Some polls to vote on.

Males only: Are you happy with your circumcision / foreskin status? intact / cut

Males only: If you could have your foreskin back tomorrow...

These ones below are more for my own situation with swim team and showering at school and my desire for a simple lifestyle.. dont vote if you dont fit the situation please

American teenagers only: Wearing speedos to the beach, I know you will answer!

Teens only: Public group communal showers at school, college, sports, gym, sauna

USA people only: Swimming at the beach / pool. Swimming, speedo, bathing suits.


Friday, February 01, 2008

Mom walked in.

Well I knew this day would come. I occasionally sneak around the house naked or run by my mom to get clothes downstairs, but she usually just looks away and giggles.

Today was different. I had a long day at school which I was late for thanks to me blogging for the first time in like a month and then I had swimming and hockey back to back so when I finally get home at like 6:30 just now I take off my shorts and start stretching before getting in the shower.

So my mom walks in and says shes going to bed early, but then I'm like "oh wait I'm naked" but she has the courtesy to not even look down. Keep in mind she knew about me restoring from a while ago but had never seen it or anything to prove I wasnt just full of it.

so I'm not quite done restoring but it looks good and functions great so I was like "wait mom, come back....." she saw it, admired it, complimented it, complemented me, smiled very very wide and was exstatic. she said it looks fantastic. and I was thrilled.

Afterward I was a little embarrassed (and by a little I mean my face was bright red after I walked away) but I did give her a big hug and was pretty happy that she thought it looked so good ( which it does actually, especially at that moment)... like I had a condom on or something it looked that perfect and smooth! (it wasnt between stages or anything to make it kind of undecided about what it wants to do )

It was really really cool and awesome to have someone stand in front of you, look down at something youve worked so hard on but kept a secret for your own dignity and privacy, and compliment it like they were so proud of your entire body and how well it matched, and that it looked like nothing had ever happened to it.

it was awesome, its cool to be young still... this whole time I felt like I was growing up so fast but being here with my mom for this experience has really put me in my right place I think. now I just have to work on my dad becuase he's stubborn and doesnt know anything about my restoring and doesnt know how to adjust to anything haha I dont dare be bare when he is home! oh and my older brother too might be jealous. oh no I dont know what to do now!! but at least I know it looks that good


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Message from Carl... TLC-X vs. Cat ii q ?


How does the TLCX differ from the CAT? I still haven't purchased the CAT and am thinking now if the TLC isn't the same.


It's a softer material and comes in a variety of configurations. I think its better because it doesnt slip off as easily as the Catiiq but because of this is a little more of a pain to put onto yourself. (the catiiq literally just slips on and adjusts, where as the tlc-x can require more effort to get just-right)

its all a wash and but I really think that the tlc-x is the better product since you can upgrade as you go and ron low has such a great history with the restoring community.

Another added benefit to the tlc-x is that it has a narrower cone, which definitely encourages a tighter cling to the glans. I can speak that this is absolutely true, and that alone is a huge advantage to the TLC-X over the catiiq.

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TLC-x > cat iiq

I'm just posting this article before school so I dont forget later with my busy afternoon. hockey AND swim practice on the same night


Over christmas I got a gift from my intact cousin who supports my restoring efforts greatly... the TLC-X. Its the mother of all devices I think!

The thing that really seals the deal for me is the way that I'm cut. Mogen clamp. This puts the scar and separation from inner to outer foreskin right smack in the middle vertically of my shaft (across )... its 50/50. until now I havent found a device that accurately expands just this area, mostly ignoring the inner few centimeters of perfection and frenulum. this is important though and I really needed something to help me finish my restoring efforts well enough

BUT with the TLC-X and the optional 24mm attachment , this 50% of inner skin is offset by the inner piece mostly and I can work on expanding just that outer part, while making it an inner part using this device. It works so damn well!! and the results are great. I know it fits perfect because I can feel the end of my frenulum from the outside in the stretched part between the two inner TLC-cones. Diagram is below but it kind of sucks since I drew it with Paint.

I'm making good progress for life! The only thing you need to watch out for is what kind of cut you have based on how much skin you have where. if your scar is right below your shaft, or if you are just starting out restoring, you should just use the regular non 24mm attachcment (i think the regular one is like 1-2mm to start). you can use the 24mm one later to tug harder (which you dont need anyway) but for me its critical that I use it now because of the way I was cut having so much inner skin! (when is why I made the diagram in the first place )

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