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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Swimming, Part 3

Today, since we're flying back to Arizona from Florida tonight, I went back to the nude beach. This time I sported the t-tape down there while bare. (standing, swimming, and walking around)

A few glances, but otherwise nothing. I could picture an older or friendlier someone asking about it, but it didn't happen. I would have been happy to explain though! I could tell there was curiosity.

Its also a great way to keep it safe and from getting sunburned. After all, the head of everyone's penis was designed to be an internal organ, and, unfortunately, circumcision makes it an external organ. Its not designed for a sunburn and that could be extremely painful and/or create permanent damage. (especially sensitivity wise) Stay safe and keep restoring! (so you won't need tape in the future, your body's own solution!)

Message from Carl

Hi Adam,
In your last post you discussed the skin being held over the head while wearing your speedo, and requested comments. (If I read into it correctly.) This is a very common experience. I have been restoring now for over 5 years. I got off to a slow start where as I did not learn of the TLC Tugger till a few years ago. However I am at a stage now where my skin will remain over the head on its own in most cases. However, if I wear briefs or boxer briefs I find the skin will stay over all the time, and has for a while. Pouched briefs or pouched boxer briefs work best.

Thanks for the e-mail Carl, I'm very jealous that you're at that point already. :) Glad we had the chance to establish a dialogue and I hope to stay in touch!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Swimming, Part 2

Today I went to a nude beach near where we're staying in Florida, but unfortunately the tape I was wearing peeled off shortly after me removing my suit... I don't think it was on all the way.

So I was shocked when my head down there hit the cold water, uncovered!

Next time I'm going to bring the tape along.
The skin only stayed forward for a few seconds on its own since I skipped into the water, so for the rest of the time it just looked like I had a really loose circumcision, rather than a really short foreskin. Hopefully that will change soon so I don't have to wear anything at the beach.. literally! :)

Another thing:
I actually found that the speedo, after I put it back on, held the skin forward over the head pretty well.. even without tape. But, I don't think this will work for people without much slack skin to move around. (if they haven't been restoring already or are just starting) If someone is willing to try it, send me an e-mail using my address at the bottom of the page.

Question from a possible Restorer

If you want to e-mail me, my address is at the bottom of every page on this site!

I know you probably get these questions all the time, but i would really like if you could help me with a little advise, because i was thinking of restoring. Does it get in the way of things in everday life, like can people tell your doing it? How do you pee if you dick is all taped up? What if you need to change in front of others. I dont know if you deal with this, but what about sexual activity, how would it not get in the way there?


Hi Will! It doesn't get in the way for me, its part of my daily routine.

At night I use a TLC tugger.
During the day I just have two pieces of medical tape, horizontally, with (on one side) the ends folded over so I can peel the tape off when using the bathroom. Its important to dab with a tissue or toilet paper to get any liquid out before putting the tape back on or it won't stick and you will need a new piece

Other than that, no real inconvenience. That is the main reason I don't wear the tugger during the day.. it can pop off and the strap has to run around your leg. Perfect for at home or in bed, but not when running around

Nobody knows I'm restoring but me :) Actually no, I was at a nude beach (today actually in Florida!) and I left the tape on while I was bare walking around. (Unfortunately it came off because it wasn't on all of the way and stopped sticking from the water. But! When I put my speedo brief back on it did a great job of holding the skin back in place without tape, just a tip!)

Changing in locker rooms, I think I probably will just leave the tape on? I don't care what other people think and if anything I would be flattered by their curiosity, but if it were really awkward I would simply peel it off ahead of time or not wear it at all.

(When school gets back in, I have to go to PE once a week so I usually don't do any sort of restoring stuff that day or wear briefs/boxer-briefs. I think what I'm going to do is wear the tape, then take it off for the showers when changing out of my boxers, then put it back on when I get home or something. The difference is my friends might say something but regular people at like a gym or something I don't care about seeing tape while changing or in the showers)

Good luck!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Today I went to the beach. I'm skinny so I wear a speedo, and I don't think anybody really cares since it fits my body type! (no nasty looks, everyone is comfortable)

Something that always bothered me was my head showing through my bathing suit. Rubbing wasn't a problem though since the material is so soft and tight, unlike the mesh in a traditional suit.

However, my usual taping method not only works great but hides the head and makes it look natural! Plus it keeps the salt/chlorinated water away.
I can't wait to not have to worry about this anymore, though. :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Reactions so far.

Here it goes

1) The head is much more sensitive. Everyone probably expected me to say that but the head is smooth and stays moist when covered, sometimes shiny

2) There is definitely a smell coming from that area now. Its not a bad smell, urine smell, or a sweat smell... but there is a sweet and powerful smell. To me it smells natural in a good way... its different but I like it. Not like my arm pit or something.. Like a boy should smell! I guess! It goes away if you wash it but for me it comes back after a few hours. Another thing: The girl I was with said nothing about the smell, so down go the rumors of girls hating uncut guys.. maybe annoying girls or something

Then, for a few days I was very busy and decided not to wear any sort of restoring device or tape:

1) The head kept rubbing against my boxer briefs and it was quite arousing, yet annoying. But, the urethra opening was rubbing too, and that was irritating and got all red. After being covered by skin or a tugger, it had returned to match my normal skin color like the head did.

2) The head got dry and started peeling a little bit. Then the peeling stopped, and the head because very textured. I hadn't really noticed how much smoother it had gotten from being safely tucked away under moist skin.

I feel like I'm reaping the benefits!

Monday, July 17, 2006

July 2006

So as of July I am wearing the TLC Tugger http://tlctugger.com at night and putting a single piece of tape to hold the skin over and keep stretching during the day

The tape can peal off when I need to go to the bathroom but usually doesn't stick back on after, so I have to use a new piece sometimes.

Whats cool with my progress is that when I'm soft and sitting down, my head is almost covered! The skin goes forward on its own and creates a shield. Standing up is a little too much for it though and it will roll back slowly by itself.. But if the head was sticky it would stay forward naturally and look good. I was excited.

Soft: llllo
and sometimes Soft: =:
Medium: llllllo
Hard: ===|=D

| = circ scar (now)
circ scar before Hard: ==|==D

The skin isn't bunching when hard but the circumcision scar is moving up and the loose skin above it toward the head is moving more when soft. The skin is more lose when hard and if I move it I can slide it over the head a little bit without trying too hard... it actually feels pretty good and I don't see why anyone would want to be circumcised ever.

May 2006

May was when I wanted to get serious with restoring. Summer was here and aside from my stupid job I knew I could work on it.

So in the past few months I had gotten here...
Soft: lllo
Medium: =lllo
Hard: ====D

The skin was bunching up when soft but not going over unless I pushed it gently.

Starting post

Before I started restoring I had very little skin. (December 2005 sometime)

Soft: =lo
Medium: ==o
Hard: ====D

I tried stretching manually but that was too much work. Taping was boring and so I made some 'Foreballs' from cabinet knobs glued together. They worked a little bit I think but were not safe for use at night time... I would wake up with a mild pain and remove it.

So I got the tugger kit and started tugging at night for a few months.

Lets play catch-up

I ordered a TLC tugger http://tlctugger.com and wore it at night time for a while but realized that without holding the skin in place you sacrifice a lot of growth!

Now I wear the tugger at night time and tape the skin over the head during the day.

My main reasons for restoring were that I felt, since I could do something about it:
a. it looked better and cleaner, smooth skin rather than exposed head
b. was more functional and protected the head
c. less revealing. I usually wear a speedo in the pool at school or at the beach and you could sometimes see my head through my suit. Now I usually tape before swimming to keep things private
d. comfort. the head and opening in it would rub against my underwear or bathing suit. even just having the tape holding the skin there makes it feel better

At one point I wore the tugger cone and insert during the day under underwear without tugging, but now I just tape since the tugger can fall off and must be removed to go to the bathroom and put back on after. (which is much more work than an actual foreskin lol) Plus the tugger pokes out with its metal clip and so it shows through your pants sometimes. Tape is much better as long as you change positions of it and remove slowly to not hurt the skin.

Now I need to work on my starting post!

New Blog

I decided that as I restore my foreskin I will make a log here on blogger on my progress with diagrams and actual progress.