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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Message from Rob

Can i just ask you about the difference in feeling/sensitivity you've felt so far? has sex or masturbation been any different for you? do you have enuf skin to jack off with? what about the glans and the keratinization? Does that feel alot different/better/more sensitive. Thanx 4 ur time dude

The sensitivity increase is amazing but its hard to enjoy without having more skin than I have right now. Most of it comes from the skin moving around but being able to do that with an erection (hard) is really tough without restoring for like 5 years or more. Lucky for me I still have a lot of my original foreskin and frenulum (sensitive under stitch) left and even though it was unlucky that they did this awful procedure to me as a baby it could be worse than it was

So I have to play with at other times where its almost overwhelming and lasts a short time before getting too hard. I'm pretty young so I dont really have sex but when I did it was before I had really started restoring. I'm not fully dekernalizaed yet but its getting there. I'm getting more and more closer to full coverage all of the time when I'm walking around (usually I have it but not always) and thats the biggest barrier.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Do you wish you could just be naked?

yes for me. it would be so much simpler
At times I'm afraid to show my body, but then I think about how little I care about other peoples bodies. Its their business, mine is my business. That's it.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

No turning back now!

So the good news is that the skin has started rolling over the head in a lot of cases it didnt before. (it was too short underneath) its pretty cool!